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Monday, March 21, 2011

Kids' Bookshelves

Remember my post last Tuesday with things that have been on my list to try?  Today I get to show you the bookshelves I made.  All by myself.  I'm not sure who was more proud of my drill skills--me or my husband!  I followed the instructions here, and loved having someone at Home Depot do the cutting for me!  I bought just one of each board size, so I got two 3-foot shelves (for the girls) and one 2-foot shelf (for the stink bug).  The wood, plus the box of 1 1/4 inch screws--which has way more than I needed for this project, cost about $20.  We already had some 2 1/2 inch screws in the garage, so I didn't buy any.

They came together beautifully.  And I love them!
 I followed all the instructions in Polly's tutorial, and used a bit of wood filler too, to even out some of the imperfections in the wood.

I primed each one, and for paint I used some pure white door and trim paint we have left over from, well, doors and trim.  Neither of the kids' rooms are really decorated at all, and these will match anything we do.  But you could easily paint them any color.

I used our electronic stud finder to locate studs in the walls, then pre-drilled, and attached them to the wall with 2 1/2 inch screws.  The drill slipped a couple of times, so I have little gouges in 2 of the shelves that I can fill and paint later if I want...though really, they're always going to be covered by books.
 And I have to show you my 5-year-old's blankets.  She's had them since she was a baby, and by the time she was 1, they had specific locations.  The pink on on her left side, and the purple one on the right.  She's also named them.  "Purple" and "Pink" :)


  1. Love them!! They turned out great! I hope you don't mind if I include you in my next Readers' Feature...sometime early April.

    And I love your daughter's blankets. My daughter (6 yrs) has blankets named "pink" and "white." They don't have specific spots in her bed, but are literally being loved to pieces.

  2. SO great Steph! My boys would KILL for bunk beds in their room, but their mother is freaked that one or both would be bucked off (because they would--they ARE boys) but I LOVE the look of these on the bunks. You're the coolest Mom.

    And this is Marcy btw, not Aaron. Sorry :)

  3. Great idea. You are always so creative! The best I can do is find already made bookshelves at garage sales!

  4. Love how they have a lip to keep the books displayed!! I should try this with my girls....and btw, Gracie has a blanket named pink as well....too bad it is mostly purple!!

  5. Great job!! They turned out great!
    I had to smile when you mentioned the blankets with names :) My 5 year old is the same way with having certain stuffed animals on either side...one being called "wall blocker". Cause why not? It blocks her from bumping the wall!!

  6. I'm so excited to come visit and see all this fun stuff in person!!!

  7. what a fantastic idea! You did a great job.

    I have the blanket from when my son was born on the back of my computer chair. The blanket is so soft and I often will wrap it around my shoulders when on the computer late at night.

  8. So creative! Love this post...They look great:)thank you for linking up to Whassup Wednesday! Hope to see you tomorrow:)


  9. Your bookshelves are awesome! Thanks for visiting me and commenting on my bunk bed bookshelves on OneCreativeMommy.com. I'd love it if you linked up some of your great ideas at One Creative Weekend on my site. The party is open Fridays-Wednesdays every week. Hope to see you there!

    I'm sharing this project on my facebook page.