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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Wanna Feel Cool?

Have you heard about the partying going on at PinterestIt's a virtual pinboard; a way to visually bookmark favorites from the vast cyber world.  I'm loving it, because just last month I was lamenting my inability to keep track of all the great projects and recipes I've found online.  Now I have a go-to place to look when I have some time and want to try something new.  And since I can see pictures of everything, it will be so much easier to pick something right away.  It will also be a great way for me to keep track of things I want to link to in future blog posts.

I felt really cool when I got my Pinterest invite in my email.  Luckily I didn't even know about it till a couple of weeks ago, or I would have felt really out of the loop, and man, don't you hate when that happens? 

Check out all the great things people are pinning:

Cool, right? Are you already pinning?  Do you want to be?  What kinds of things do you think you'll keep track of?

Anyway, assuming I'm not the last person in the world to learn of this phenomenon, I would be happy to pass an invite out to anyone who wants to join the fun.  Leave me a comment with your email and I'll send you one!  


  1. I've heard about this and I SO WANT TO DO IT!
    leda.stoker@gmail.com Thanks!

  2. Hi!

    I'm dying to start Pinterest! Can you send me an invite? CaseySJL@gmail.com


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  4. i have heard about this and would love to get an invite. Please help!!!