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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Fun Hair

Mostly this post was a practice to see if I could get pictures from my ipod to look decent enough to use.  The charger to our {cough} 7-year-old camera has gone missing.  It's around here somewhere, but with so many things displaced, the efforts to locate it have proven unsuccessful.  We knew the day would come when it would have to be replaced, but we hoped it wouldn't have to be right in the middle of paying for our whole kitchen.  But, we can't have all this fabulous work going on around here and not be able to visually document it!  So I'm seeing a new camera in our very near future.

At any rate, the pictures turned out ok, and here is my pre-schooler's hair today.  
My favorite place to get hair ideas is Hairstyles for Girls 


  1. I think the pictures is fabulous and your daughter is adorable!

  2. Oh super cute! And it probably stayed really nicely all day. I love it!

  3. she is adorable, I bet all her friends loved it.

  4. Thank you! Yeah, it stayed all day, and the next day too :) I even had someone take a picture of it while we were at karate for my older daughter.