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Saturday, April 30, 2011

New Appliances

Slow posting week, but lots of progress has been made in the kitchen!  Last weekend the floor was finished.
On Monday the texture was redone all round the new window and doors.
On Tuesday I primed and painted the corner of the kitchen where the fridge goes.
On Wednesday appliances were delivered.  We chose the Whirlpool Gold line, all in stainless steel.  Yay water and ice from our fridge!  Yay ceramic cooktop!  Yay fingerprints everywhere!  What?  Well, ok, so I just added an extra item to my morning routine.  But we love them.  Only the fridge is actually installed right now.  The rest of the appliances will go in after the cabinets are done.  That has been scheduled for May 13th.
Images from Whirlpool
On Thursday I did some priming.
On Friday I did some priming.
Today I'll paint the ceiling.  I'd love to get the walls done too, but I have a few responsibilities with a Sunday morning deadline, so I need to spend time on that today for sure.  After painting is all done, I'll take a couple more pictures too!

**If you want to see the completed kitchen, click here**

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