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Monday, April 18, 2011

Peek at our Tile Floor

Here's how the floor is coming along in the kitchen/dining/family area.  We chose Montagna Belluno (a popular choice from Home Depot) and are using the 16 inch tiles.  
Between my husband and our handyman and their 3 hours of work after their regular jobs each day, we're hoping that by the end of the week, the whole area will be tiled and grouted. 
Then after I get in there and paint the ceiling and walls, we'll be able to move the dining table, the computer, and my craft junk supplies back into that side of the house and make things a little bit easier around here.  Plus, we're having appliances delivered next week.  That means we'll have a fridge back in the house and won't have to head out to the garage every time somebody wants milk.

**If you want to see the completed kitchen, click here**


  1. Steph - it looks AMAZING!!!

  2. Cute blog. My hubby is going to be doing our kitchen with new tiles soon too. The 1 we picked out looks similiar to this.

  3. Amazing.This is a very good blog, thank you for posting...