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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day

I find it interesting (and ironic) how usually all I want for Mother's Day is to not actually have to do anything that mothers do. I want to have meals cooked, messes cleaned, problems solved, diapers changed, decisions made, stories read--all by someone else. 
This year I decided to simply relish the fact that I get to be a mom. I won't be doing any marathon spring cleaning today, or cooking a lavish feast (I'd need an oven for that, and better skills in the kitchen anyway). But if one of my kids wants to cuddle on the couch or play a game, I'll do it. If they want me to take them do bed instead of daddy, I'll do it. And hopefully always remember how truly blessed I am to call them mine.


  1. you have a beautiful family! Happy Mother's Day

  2. I hope we all made it an OK day for you anyway!

  3. It *was* a great Mother's day! I was serenaded, cuddled on the couch, watched a puppet show, got lovely pictures, colored, and didn't have to change a single diaper or make dinner :)