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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

My Latest Loot

The last few weeks have been lucky for me apparently, because I've won 3 different giveaways!  So I wanted to do a little shout out to each of them, and say thanks again.

The first was fabric rosettes and a Scrapbook Etc. magazine from Custom Creations by Jessica.  I hadn't thought of using one of these popular flowers on a card, but Jessica's was so cute I had to do it too.
I made these for my mom and mother-in-law (hopefully they won't look here before Sunday)  Notice the chalk?  I cut the shapes out of chipboard and sprayed them with chalkboard paint.  

The second was chalkboard painted buckets and Where Women Create magazine from HodgePodge (via Hawkerswife)  Ultimately, I'd like to put these in my laundry space out in the garage (when it recovers from the mess we've thrown there in the name of remodeling) but until then, they're hanging out in the girls' room.
The third was a gift certificate from KnittyBitties (via Burlap and Blue) and I chose this list taker.  I've had an ipod for about 6 months, and I love it,  though it doesn't seem to replace my need for pen-and-paper-list-making. So I think I'm really going to enjoy this.  Plus it's just so cute!  Click on it for full details.
So thanks again, and everybody go check out all these lovely blogs and shops!

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  1. i'll tell you, Steph--that chalkboard paint is addictive! I love your mother's day cards.
    Thanks for posting about me--glad you liked the buckets.

  2. Congrats! Love your cards, I have never tried the chalkboard paint.

  3. So fun to win giveaways--congrats! Those are really cute cards. Thanks for the blog visit and kind comment :)

  4. Chalkboard paint is the best! I painted sheet metal with it and put it in the doors of my pantry. I love it!

    Also, I'm with you. Pen and paper are required for list making... unless there is space available on my chalkboard pantry.

  5. I agree, chalkboard paint is great! Thanks for linking to my delightfully inspiring Thursday Party. Looking forward to seeing your creativity next week.

  6. Lucky you! Thanks for visiting my blog - I'm a new follower!

  7. Cute cards! Love the chalkboard ideas!

  8. Congratulations on all of the really pretty items you won. It makes you feel special when you win things, doesn't it? Have a wonderful day!