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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

An Old Addiction and a New One

I'm a chronic inker.  Is that a word?  I run an ink pad over almost all edges of my cards and scrapbook pages.  I like the extra definition it gives to the layers or something.  So that's my old addiction.  Apparently I've found a new one too, in banners.  My last project for DtsArt included one, and so does this one.  (and if you look closely, you'll see ink around each triangle, each layer of squares, and around the outside of the whole poster!)

This week Dardi sent these monkey files to her design team.  

This was perfect timing for me, since I'm helping with a church activity in a couple of weeks with the theme "Monkey Business."  Here's the poster I designed to announce our dinner.  If anyone wasn't sure if they were going to come, the monkeys will certainly convince them, right?   (so if this applies to you...please come! :)
Be sure to visit DtsArtBlog to see more fantastic creations and click here to purchase your own set of monkey files (svg/mtc/scut) 


  1. I love how cute this is! You did a great job with the monkeys!


  2. they are just the cutest monkeys!! i like your poster, very nice.