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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Snap Contest

Not finger snapping (I can't do it all that well anyway) but a contest to win a trip to SNAP--a creative blogging and social media conference in Salt Lake City next April.  I get entered to win by writing a post about why I would like to go, and why I deserve to win a free ticket.  Yeah, that's not a daunting task!?  Why I want to go, sure--free ticket, mini vacation, meeting fun new people, (like maybe some of you!), staying up til all hours of the night making pretty things (or just laughing til it hurts).  Plus, we lived there before we moved here and we loved it.

But what are some reasons I might deserve to win?  

I'm really  kind of  sometimes funny.
Long time blogger (if you're counting in dog, or house-fly years)
Super creative (if you stop reading other blogs, this is the place you'll see the best ideas first!)
The awesomest people read my blog--THAT is 100% true (and I read once that flattery is a great way to get people to vote for you)

So if you feel like helping a regular-ol' momma, wifey, make-stuff-to-keep-out-of-trouble, blogging-to-get-periodic-validation type of person, starting on May 21st you can click on over to the Snap blog to vote for me!   Thanks!

And, for your viewing enjoyment, my YouTube debut!


  1. I will totally vote for you when the time comes. You deserve it!

  2. Oh my gosh, LOVE your darling video...what a great job!!!

    Thanks so much for entering the ticket contest. Good luck!

  3. FABULOUS video!! Good luck with the contest!