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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Denim Rosette Necklace

Last month I shared this at My World Made by Hand during Jessica's Red White and Blue round up.  If you missed it over there, here it is again!

You'll need:
  • Denim (mine came from the bottom of some jeans that I got paint on once, so I cut them and turned them into long shorts)
  • Red felt
  • White fabric 
  • Pearl or bead
  • Invisible thread and needle
  • Glue gun
Cut 5 strips of denim and make 5 rosettes, securing with hot glue.
Lay flowers on another piece of denim and glue down in the shape of your necklace.

Sew rosettes together where they touch using the invisible thread. 
 Trim extra denim backing so none of it is showing.
Cut a small flower from the red felt--you can do this anyway you like--here's how I made mine.  Cut 6 slits into a circle of felt.  

Round 5 of them into petals and cut off the 6th.  

Pinch the flower together and sew with thread.  (At first I tried making the flower with hot glue, but it kept getting everywhere and messing up the flower)  
Sew your pearl or bead into the center of the flower.

Sew tubes using white fabric then turn inside out (to make tie straps) and glue one end of each to the back of the necklace.

Glue felt flower between two rosettes and you're ready to go!



  1. this is a great way to use up clothes that just can't be worn because of rips or stains. Very nice.

  2. Lindo....Maravilhoso

  3. super cute! I was just thinking about trying something like this with my jeans cut-off scraps :) love the felt flower too.

  4. Do you have a tutorial for the rosette part somewhere?

    1. I don't have one on my site right now, but here's a good tutorial for you, and there are several more out there too.