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Thursday, August 11, 2011

There's More Where That Came From

I've always thought it was more important to actually *do* things than to blog about them.  And I know I've at least held to that during this last month.  I've been so busy!  There hasn't been time to take pictures (or at least edit them) and then write up anything about them.

Not that you've been wondering where I've been, but here are a few quick pictures of some of my recent (and current) projects that you may see more of once I get around to the blog portion of my mass of hobbies.

Satin Bloom Clips

Painted Dresser

Stenciling Dresser Top

Wedding Card

And Not Pictured...
....Boy tie from man's tie
....My skirt for the wedding
....Dyed canvas shoes for the girls

So, keep your eyes out for details on all these things later!  It will give me something to do when the girls start up school.  (In between all the fabulous mommy-son time I'll get to have!)

1 comment:

  1. Looking forward to seeing all of the projects you have been working on - especially that dresser ;)