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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Chalkboard Shopping List (and a new frame)

It's not a new idea, but I needed a place in the kitchen to write down ingredients I had run out of.  I didn't want to hang anything on the new fridge (our doors are magnetic but I've been afraid that they would leave scratches in the finish--plus I like the look of a cleared-off fridge), and I didn't want to put any paint (even on the inside) of our brand new cabinets.

I'd thought about picking up some chalkboard vinyl, but I already had chalkboard spray paint in the garage.  So I used what I had around.  I had half a piece of posterboard left over from a sign I had to make.  I cut it to the right size to fit in my cupboard door and sprayed a couple of coats on.

After rubbing chalk all over and wiping it off I taped it up to the inside of my cupboard.  I also stuck a piece of chalk in the drawer right next to those cupboards--or what use would it be?  Here's to hoping it works for me!

I'll also show you a quick frame redo I just did, since it's not exciting enough to get its own post.

It's my husband's birthday on Saturday, so I dubbed it birthday week and every day I've left him a little surprise in his truck.  Yesterday it was a recent picture of the two of us.  

Here's the frame that I picked up at Goodwill.

Not too bad, but it was scuffed up and a little dull in places--and the reddish color wasn't quite right for the photo.  So I blasted it really quickly with oil rubbed bronze spray paint.  And of course put in a lovely picture of yours truly and the birthday boy.  Our daughter took the picture, and I toned down the colors so it's almost sepia looking.

 There you have my two most recent super-easy projects!

**I have now added some vinyl to it and made a menu list too.  You can check them out here **


  1. Spray painted poster board? Now that's easy and genius. And super thrifty! Thanks for stopping by my blog :)


  2. Hi! I just found your blog through CSI and I'm so excited to "meet" another Northwest Blogger!

  3. Very nice! I like a project you can easily change around if you want... i.e. the poster board instead of painting on the cabinet. And happy birthday to the hubs! Thanks for linking to Fancy This Fridays!!!

  4. I stumbled across your blog via Chef in Training and am so happy I did because I am a fellow PNW crafter/blogger! I get super excited finding the few of us out there! Enjoy the rain!

    I'm your newest follower.

    Take care!