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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Chalkboard Posterboard Take 2

Sometimes finished projects aren't really done.  It's fine because part of the fun of making things and decorating your home is that you can constantly change things to match your changing tastes.  This tweaked item wasn't so much a change of taste as a "this would look better if..."

I posted about my chalkboard-spray-paint-painted-posterboard-shopping-list just the other day.  I didn't want to actually paint the insides of my brand new cupboards.  This would be a great option too if you're dying to do this but live in a rental and wouldn't be allowed!

I was quite pleased with it hanging in my cupboard but wanted to add a little something else to it.  So I cut out some vinyl letters.

Then I made a companion list on the other cupboard door for the week's menu.  The font I used is Harrington.

I think I'll say it's finished now--for now.

If you want to see the outsides of our new cupboards instead of just the insides, see our kitchen remodel post.

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  1. I just want to say that today is Wednesday, and I haven't had any chicken/pear/gorgonzola salad this week, and I also haven't had any stir fry this week...

    Love, your husband.

  2. Haha babe--I guess I should have included a disclaimer in this post.

    **Menu items are for photographic purposes only. Actual results may differ** :)

    We are going to try that pear salad tonight if they're ripe though!

  3. Very cute! I painted my entire backsplash with chalkboard paint....love it!


  4. Good idea--love it on the inside of the cupboards but cute enough to be on the outside!

  5. Thats an adventurous menu.. I cant be bothered with such an extensive menu.. Im a bit of a looser in the kitchen *smiles*...

    Totally loved being at your blog.. and am following you now.. Hope you come pop by at Colours Dekor :-)

  6. Hi Steph!

    I loove this menu board, in my to do list now!"Thanks for visiting my blog,love yours!

  7. Love this. I've been eyeing whiteboard-covered doors recently but this would be much cuter in the kitchen!

  8. Love this...sending my bloggy readers to check your menu board out tomorrow for menu monday. Thanks for the great idea!

  9. This is SO fun! I would love to do this! Great job being so creative! I am cracking up at your husband's comment. Don't these husbands of ours know now what goes into blogging?? :)