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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Drawer Pull Hooks

Do you ever hold off doing a project because you don't have the time or budget to do everything you want?

It's normal I think to get a little paralyzed thinking about a whole room redo.  I know I get really intimidated when I see beautiful mood boards that people have put together.  You know, where everything from paint color, a dresser and perfect pillows are picked out before a single dime is spent.  I'd love to build a room that way someday (though I may need some professional help to do it!)

I've found though that sometimes I just have to tackle one small problem that's really bothering me and do something about it.  Like the vanity in the bathroom for example.

Another problem that we needed to address in that room was the towel rod that was barely hanging on.  

It also only held two towels and there are three kids.  Hooray for  the ReStore.  I picked up a bag of these drawer pulls for $2.00, so they were 50c each.

I painted 3 of them black, 2 of them blue and 2 of them pink.
I attached them to two different pieces of scrap wood.

The 3 black ones went in the bathroom for towels. 

The other 4 went into the closet in the girls' room.  Yay--simple solution to another problem!  There's never been a good place to for them to put their coats and backpacks, and this was cheaper than buying a bunch of command hooks since I had all the supplies except the pulls.

Of course it's still on the some-day-list to really makeover these rooms, but for just $2 I'm much happier with 2 separate spaces in our house!


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  1. I love the drawer pulls for hooks. They just seem so much more sturdy than the towel racks. I definitely need to use this idea in our bathroom

  2. I like the hooks much better than the towel bar :D

    Thanks for linking to Wicked Awesome Wednesday!

  3. Great idea! And I'm with you on the mood board thing. I usually pick the colors I want to use in the room and then just go with it. I'm not that organized to do that much planning ahead!

  4. Love the idea for hanging towels - ours seems to always be ready to fall out of the wall!