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Wednesday, October 19, 2011


"Hey, that's spelled just like escape!"

Little adventures make life exciting, right? 

They seem to be drawn to our middle daughter the last couple of days.

Yesterday, one of her shoes fell off at recess and one boy told another boy to throw it over the fence into someone's back yard.  So he did.  Luckily I was at home so when the office called it was no problem for me to hop in the car and run an extra pair of shoes to her until the missing one could be recovered.  I don't know exactly how they got it back, but I do know the culprit was there with his mom when Meagan was called back down to the office and he said sorry and gave her shoe back.

Then this morning, when we were already running a little late in getting ready for school of course, she and Asher got trapped in the girls' bedroom.  Something broke in the doorknob (even though those doors are only a year and a half old) and they couldn't turn it! The screws for the doorknob are on the inside of the door so I couldn't even take it off.  

Poor Emily was more worried about them than they were.  She even said a prayer that they'd make it out ok.

I went around to the back of the house and talked to Meagan through her window and tried to talk her through opening it, but her fingers just aren't strong enough to pinch the latch open.

Through the whole mess I was also texting my husband who's at a work conference in Chicago.  In the end he suggested prying part of the door jamb away and sliding a screwdriver in the to push the latch in.

It worked, only it snapped and this is what the door looks like now.  Nice, right?  

I then removed the whole doorknob and latch from the door so it can't happen again.

At least the kids got out.  And they weren't late to school, but I had to drive them since they missed the bus. 

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1 comment:

  1. OMG Steph, why do things happen at the worst time?

    I had a similar indecent happen almost 3 years ago. Hubby was working 3rd shift, my son just had surgery. Adenoids, tonsils and ear tubes put in. Our bathroom door was acting funny all day, locking. The person on the outside of the door had to use the little key in the knob to unlock it. Hubby did not have time before work to check it out so we were leaving it ajar while using the restroom so it would not lock. Well, it's 9:30pm I'm in the bathroom and for some reason my son closed the door. I could not get to it fast enough to stop him.

    For whatever reason I took the portable phone with me. So I had to call my MIL and have her call work, I could not give her the no. because it was not programmed into the phone. My poor son is needing his pain meds. and starts to cry. Well 45 minutes later hubby comes home and gets me out! I felt so bad for my son who was only 8 at the time, plus he has Down Syndrome.

    So glad things worked out for you. Crazy isn't it, LOL. Sorry for the book, but I know how you and the kids must have felt.