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Saturday, October 8, 2011

My First Soap Box

No, I'm afraid I didn't build, paint or Mod Podge an actual soap box.  I'm stepping up on one.  I know..."If you can't say anything nice..." right?

I may be about to break that rule.  Can I mask it in the name of constructive criticism? Or perhaps curiosity?

I certainly haven't been writing my own blog long enough to earn much street cred (and whatever I had I lost by using that phrase just now anyway) but I am a little curious why people choose to write posts with the text centered on the page.

I don't mind pictures that way--it's how I place pictures as well.  And then captions that go along with the pictures also look just fine centered.

Am I weird in thinking that it's a little hard to read the words when they're all centered?  Maybe I'm just missing something. Or maybe this could be the start of a left-aligning revolution! (no political reference intended)

Maybe it's not a big deal

I'm sure that anyone could find annoyances in my own writing (my tendency to think I'm funnier than I actually am?)  

And while we're on the subject of formatting, what's everyone's position on the double space after a period? I've heard it's been dropped down to one space, but out of habit I add 2 spaces almost every time. So let's make a deal.  Please don't stop reading my blog because of inconsistent spacing, and I won't stop reading yours because it's centered :)  

(Sorry, is that also really annoying to put emoticons in blog posts?)

Alright, stepping down now.  Let me have it--do you agree with me?  Disagree?  Have something else to say?  I wanna hear it!


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  1. Agree about the centered thing...it's a little too "cutesy" for me...and I also don't like crazy fonts in posts..I use ellipses like they're going out of style, so I'm sure that drives people nuts...;) And I use emoticons...and just one space after a period...I thought I had heard that on a computer that was OK (typewriter, 2 spaces). And I think you're super-funny...

  2. Yeah, posts shouldn't be centered, and that's that.

    2nd, I still put 2 spaces after periods except when I'm tweeting (every character counts in a tweet).

  3. Posts shouldn't be centered, I agree, though sometimes a short entry such as a poem or a small blurb could be and it would be okay. But paragraphs? Left justified, please.

    As for the spaces after a period, I have heard that as well, but out of habit I often still do two spaces. Sometimes I purposely don't, but most of the time the old Jr. High type class training is too deeply ingrained. :)

    I use emoticons here and there. I like them. I don't use funky fonts, however, I agree with your other commenter. I want to be able to just read comfortably, not have to decipher calligraphy.

    My blog pet peeve is the black background with white text. I can't read it. It makes my eyes hurt. We all have our soap box issues...

  4. This post has me cracking up. I hadn't put much thought into it until I centered a post once. My husband was so bothered by it that he had me change it right away.

    I use emoticons, but sparingly.

    I'm a believer in one space after a period but I don't notice either way.

    I like that Maggie admits to overusing the ellipsis, but at least she uses it correctly. An ellipsis is three dots/periods; no more, no less. My pet peeve is seeing a string of twenty-five periods used willy-nilly.

    It's nice to know that I'm not the only one with an odd pet-peeve!

  5. Okay so I kind have this issue. My blog www.portobelloroadnw.blogspot.com is a 3 column layout. So I did not like the centered text either but it was the way the template was formatted. But then I figured out the html code and changed it to left alignment. Now I don't like it because the left column text that is pretty narrow runs right up against the center column text that is now left aligned. I switched it back. I just can't win...

  6. That cracks me up...guilty as charged! Ha! I hope you'll still visit and I'm glad to find your blog...I'm your newest 'follower'.

  7. huh. Thanks for writing that I had never thought about it. I am such a aesthetically focused person but I also always try to make sure my blog is super user friendly. So thanks! I'll have to bring this up with the sisters and see thier thoughts! -jamie

  8. I do not understand the centering thing either. I think maybe, it's done just to stand out? Be different, rebelous against literary rules I guess? I also double space after periods and I also use emoticons. I have an exclamation point problem. (I just had to delete the actual exclamation point after that sentence) I used them ALL THE TIME and for everthing! <--see. So please still read my blog despite my exclamation point problems.

  9. Guilty! I center my text because I think that hardly anyone reads it anyway so it is more of a caption for the pictures I take. I've really never thought about it but I like the way it looks. I use...way too much! I like exclamations!!! And I am undecided about the double space so I think I do some of both. Thanks for coming by my blog anyway!

  10. Left justified is just easier to read as is non-fancy type -- I admit that I've stopped reading a centered cutesy-fied text blog entry mid-post because it was just too much work trying to decipher what is being said. I'm a blog world newbie but I think blogs have personalities that probably match their authors personalities so I like to read the ones that are comfortable, inviting, interesting, educational and fun. It's like meeting or visiting with a friend. I also like blogs that let us peek into the authors life a bit - a mom who loves to craft & cook and oh by the way is recovering from cancer - you gotta root for her, a decorating diva whose dad had a heart problem scare, the crafting, decorating, organic food eating young woman and single mom who wrote an open letter to her baby daddy saying enough already I'm done with you. If the blog connects to your interests or connects emotionally you'll probably be a repeat visitor but if you can't read a post without squinting or losing your place well ... ... ... ... *<:+) clowny face 2 u!!!!