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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

New Hair

Before and After pictures today are of yours truly.  And I'm addressing my irrational phobia of posting pictures of myself.  My friend cut my hair for me and I'm giving you the results.  There's the picture in the sidebar of course, and then another one for you from the side.  It was definitely time.

Old Hair

Here's what I'm playing with these days.

When I woke up this morning:

After I ran my large curling iron through it and added some sticky stuff.

Thanks a bunch W! 

This also means I play with fun hairstyles on Meagan instead (at least until it gets long enough and she's able to donate like she wants to)

Which version of my cut works best?  Anyone else with short hair have some favorite accessory ideas to share?

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  1. Very, very, very cute. Love the new do! And thanks for linking to Totally Tutorial Tuesdays.


  2. What a wonderful new style! Your friend is very talented! Thanks for sharing at Polka Dots

  3. I have short hair and love my straight iron. It helps so much and if you get a slim one you can use it to curl and who knows what else. Short hair looks cute on you!

  4. You're so cute, short hair or long! *sigh* I miss you.

    I got my hair cut about a month ago, and it's short-ish, with layers in it. I put gel in it and blow dry it and then straighten it. What's nice about the straightener is you can slightly turn it in or out, and it won't turn too much and give you mushroom head (in) or 60s flashbacks (out).

    But YOU could rock bed head and be beautiful with that too.

  5. Cute Stephanie! So short and sassy!

  6. I think the shorter hair frames your fac well and makes your eyes stand out. Cute cut!

  7. Very pretty! Short styles can so be versatile too. You could add a stylish bandanna or a rose/vintage barrette to dress it up or down too. You look lovely! God bless x