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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Tissue Paper Silhouettes

This is a great, easy project that can keep your kids busy for a little while.  And they're even display worthy!

You'll need:
printed outlines of the shape you want (I chose sleigh, deer and Santa hat)
tissue paper
colored cardstock (trimmed to 8x10 if you're going to frame them)

Cut out the shape and trace on the cardstock using pencil

Cut small squares of tissue paper.

Bunch up one square into a ball.

Dip it in glue and put it on the paper, repeating until the whole shape is filled in.

I made the deer, Emily did the sleigh, and Meagan did the hat.  I was actually really proud of myself for just letting them do theirs alone, and not going back in to fill gaps when they were finished :)

I stuck them into plain black frames and left the glass off.  Now they're hanging by our table, and the girls are so proud that they made one!

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  1. Definitely saving this idea for a rainy day! I especially love the deer one. My favorite animal is a moose and they have a great silhouette! Might have to try that one :)

  2. This is such a cute idea! And it could be done with anything any time of year. Do the little paper balls lay close enough to the page that they could be framed with glass over them?
    Thanks for sharing!

  3. Great idea! I love silhouettes and this would be a fun activity for my son and I, or just me if he isn't interested! ; )

  4. Love your art work. Super pretty. I would love for you to share at Bacon Time linky up now. Happy Holidays. We don't have a lot of rain here, just snow in northern Cali.


  5. This is pretty cool! Creative:) I might try this, myself.