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Saturday, April 30, 2011

New Appliances

Slow posting week, but lots of progress has been made in the kitchen!  Last weekend the floor was finished.
On Monday the texture was redone all round the new window and doors.
On Tuesday I primed and painted the corner of the kitchen where the fridge goes.
On Wednesday appliances were delivered.  We chose the Whirlpool Gold line, all in stainless steel.  Yay water and ice from our fridge!  Yay ceramic cooktop!  Yay fingerprints everywhere!  What?  Well, ok, so I just added an extra item to my morning routine.  But we love them.  Only the fridge is actually installed right now.  The rest of the appliances will go in after the cabinets are done.  That has been scheduled for May 13th.
Images from Whirlpool
On Thursday I did some priming.
On Friday I did some priming.
Today I'll paint the ceiling.  I'd love to get the walls done too, but I have a few responsibilities with a Sunday morning deadline, so I need to spend time on that today for sure.  After painting is all done, I'll take a couple more pictures too!

**If you want to see the completed kitchen, click here**

Monday, April 25, 2011

Mod Podged Stand

I helped with a baby shower over the weekend, and needed something to put the dipped pretzels on.  I saw this creation a few weeks ago and decided to make my own.  I already had the candle stick that I wasn't using anymore, and at a church rummage swap I picked up the plates for free.

So I turned these

into this, after some spray paint, mod podge, fabric and hot glue.  
Lesson learned though--hot glue is not the way to go.  I wasn't sure, but it was all I had around.  It lasted through the shower, but then the bottom plate popped off.  I'm thinking I may need to pick up some E6000!

Saturday, April 23, 2011


Congratulations Kimberly (Drama Queen's Mum)!  Please email me  your address so I can send out your zipper pouch.  Thanks everyone for playing--I thought it was fun too, so I'll have to do it again sometime soon.

Other than that, I have 3 projects that are nearly finished, so more crafty goodness is on its way.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Say NO to Auto

Do you like taking pictures?  Of your kids, your crafts, your surroundings?  Do you have a digital SLR?  Do you know how to find all the right settings for your light source?  If they all confuse you a little still, then you need the perfect beginner's guide:  Say NO to Auto!  

Photographer Kristen Duke is on a crusade to help people get out of auto mode and start taking even better pictures.  Her e-book is just $10, sized at 4x6 it's perfect to print out and carry with you, and it's so cute too!  
With our recent camera purchase, I've been thinking more about learning how to actually use it.  If I get really ambitious, we may upgrade to an SLR someday (though with my new kitchen, I don't think I get to add anything to a wish list for a really long time :) and then I'll really use all her great information.

But even with just having my made-to-be-auto camera, I can choose different light sources and even choose the ISO.  Kristen's book tells me what those mean and how to choose the best settings for different pictures.  Plus there are several pictures included where she tells you the exact setting she used, so you can recreate the same great results.

So go check out her blog, see some of her amazing photos, and check to see if she's doing a workshop in your area soon!  

(disclosure: I was given this e-book to review and have provided my own personal thoughts in my own words)

Monday, April 18, 2011

Peek at our Tile Floor

Here's how the floor is coming along in the kitchen/dining/family area.  We chose Montagna Belluno (a popular choice from Home Depot) and are using the 16 inch tiles.  
Between my husband and our handyman and their 3 hours of work after their regular jobs each day, we're hoping that by the end of the week, the whole area will be tiled and grouted. 
Then after I get in there and paint the ceiling and walls, we'll be able to move the dining table, the computer, and my craft junk supplies back into that side of the house and make things a little bit easier around here.  Plus, we're having appliances delivered next week.  That means we'll have a fridge back in the house and won't have to head out to the garage every time somebody wants milk.

**If you want to see the completed kitchen, click here**

Quick Felt Flower Headband

I'm loving little felt crafts these days.  It's easier to pull out a sheet of felt, a glue gun and some scissors into my limited space, than to get all the tools and supplies for other projects (including cards and scrapbooking)

For these flowers, I cut 3 circles from white felt.  I didn't measure, but the 2 smaller ones were about 3 inches across, and the bigger one was about 3.5 inches.  I cut each circle in a spiral pattern until I reached the middle.  Starting with the middle, I wrapped the felt around itself until it looked like this.  

A little hot glue secured the end and I sewed a fake pearl into the middle of each one using invisible thread.  
For backing each flower, I cut a small circle of felt and glued it to the bottom.  
I grabbed a black fabric headband and hot glued each flower to it. I should have glued them closer together so they would be overlapping.  That way when the headband stretches a little, they are still touching.  You should scroll quickly past the next photo, because I look truly dorky.  I just felt the post wouldn't be complete without the obligatory "here--look at me wearing my creation" picture.

I think I'll go hide now.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Giveaway! (CLOSED)

Just two months ago I started this little blog as a way to share what I've been up to and how I stay sane and happy through the long months of gray.  Somehow in that short amount of time I've made it to 100 followers!  So to celebrate and say thank you, I'm doing a giveaway.  Everyone loves a chance to win something, right?
Looking back through my posts, the most popular one was the Rainbow Cake Pops.  
I'm afraid those wouldn't travel well (plus I kind of won't let you forget that I currently have no kitchen).  My most commented-on post was the Ruffled Zipper Pouches.   You can win this pink and black one.
I'll make this nice and easy. To enter just comment on this post. Make sure I'll have a way to contact you through your profile, or leave your email.  Contest ends at 9 pm (pacific time) on Friday, April 22nd and will be available to residents of the US.  Winner will be chosen using random.org and announced Saturday morning.  (If I don't hear back from the winner after 72 hours, a new winner will be chosen)
Good luck!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Kitchen Progress

 Here's a peek at how things have been coming along this weekend.  

New window and raised ledge (so it will now be higher than the counter)
New garage and sliding doors.
Knockdown texture for ceiling.
Plywood and Hardibacker on floor.

**If you want to see the completed kitchen, click here**

Friday, April 15, 2011

Now Things Start Getting Prettier!

Today I'm posting a few progress pictures of our kitchen.  Our go-to handyman spent some time at our house yesterday installing recessed lights, and making it so we can't see right up to the roof any more.

We did learn that the vent over the stove never actually vented though. There was a vent there, and it went all the way up to the roof, but there's no hole in the roof!  That will be fixed when our microwave is installed though (and yay for freed counter space)

For before pictures of the kitchen and family room, click here.

These pictures brought to you by a new camera as well.  I'm still very much an auto-point-and-shoot girl who can do some ok editing in GIMP (but I'm hoping to work on that)  

And if you're curious what kind we got, it's a Canon PowerShot SD1300 IS digital elph, and it was about $120 at Costco.

Thanks for looking!

**If you want to see the completed kitchen, click here**

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Fun Hair

Mostly this post was a practice to see if I could get pictures from my ipod to look decent enough to use.  The charger to our {cough} 7-year-old camera has gone missing.  It's around here somewhere, but with so many things displaced, the efforts to locate it have proven unsuccessful.  We knew the day would come when it would have to be replaced, but we hoped it wouldn't have to be right in the middle of paying for our whole kitchen.  But, we can't have all this fabulous work going on around here and not be able to visually document it!  So I'm seeing a new camera in our very near future.

At any rate, the pictures turned out ok, and here is my pre-schooler's hair today.  
My favorite place to get hair ideas is Hairstyles for Girls 

A Few Giveaways

There are lots of fun giveaways out there--I've even won a couple of them! (I'll show you my loot when I use them in some future projects)  Here are a couple I've entered recently, and I'll share them with you so I can earn some extra entries too :)

A Twist of Dazzle at A Bowl Full of Lemons 
Epic Letterpress at Positively Splendid
(totally hoping to win the second one!)

Also, I'm about to reach 100 follower, and when that happens, I'll do a little giveaway of my own!  Stay tuned.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

To-Do Tuesday

Well, I'm finally feeling better.  Spring Break plagued me with a cold and wicked cough, but now the kids are back in school and I've been sleeping better, so things are getting back to normal.

More progress has been made on tearing down the kitchen ceiling.  We purchased all our new appliances last night (yay 15% off sale at Lowe's!)  Then in just a couple of days we'll have some help here to fix up the ceiling and replace the window, sliding glass door and door leading to the garage.  That's when I'll get to do some marathon painting.  

Here is the old door to the garage.  That heater will be replaced too--and good thing.  It stopped working a few weeks ago.  We came home from church and noticed a burning smell, and after checking all the rooms in the house, discovered that the fan had broken, but the element was still heating up.  Thanks for not burning our house down little heater!  Also, note the art work hanging by the door.  Compliments of my 5-year-old.
I also picked up this fun tray from Goodwill a while back, so it will become a project this week. 

Friday, April 8, 2011

Tomorrow is Saturday and Sunday Comes After ... Wards

I may have mentioned once that my pop-culture references will be few and far between.  Mostly because I don't know much pop culture.  But with today being Friday and all, this can't go unreferenced.  Watch the video, and prepare to be...3 minutes and 48 seconds older when it's done.

We pulled down the ceiling, but still have to deal with all the wood framing.  The biggest mess is all the fluffy insulation that comes down.  The first section we pulled down, this came with it.  

Who knows how long that's been up there!  I promise it was empty when it fell down--we're not drinkers :)  We also need to pull up the rest of the particle board floor.  The section that had carpet on it came up ok with just a pry bar. For the section with 2 layers of vinyl on it though, my husband got out the circular saw, cutting grids in the floor.  Yeah, that's just a little unnerving--taking a saw to your floor and prying up chunks of it! 

On the list for tomorrow is a trip to the dump (to get rid of what we've pulled up, and down, already) and then use that space in the garage to pile up some more!  Then we'll finish up the floor, and I should probably start filling some wall holes, since we'll be painting sometime after next weekend.  That's when the ceiling should be finished (oh yeah, I'll have to paint that too!) and the doors and window will be replaced.

For something fun, how about some felt flowers I just whipped up.  I found directions at Craft Snob

Here's my version with 3 of them pinned to my shirt.

Oh yeah, we gettin' down on Friday.

**If you want to see the completed kitchen, click here**

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Day 1 Demo and a Scrapbook Page

Remodeling projects take on an extra level of difficulty when there are kids around.  They have to be entertained and kept out of the work space.  Let me just say thank goodness for Netflix!  Having the kids around watching the "progress" can also provide some laughs as well.  After pulling up the carpet in the family room, we discovered what the original 70's vinyl flooring looked like.  Our five-year-old ran in and said "I love our new floor!"  She would have made a great designer 30 years ago apparently.  
Here are pictures of everything we got done yesterday. The family room with all the carpet gone (the tile floor will go from the kitchen all the way through this room too)
And here's the kitchen with all the cabinets and appliances removed. And, we only found one dead mouse under it all!  Eeewww!  Lots of mouse poop too--one of the big reasons we knew we wanted to pull out all the cabinets and start over--fill in any holes in the floor or walls where they've been coming in, and have been long before we ever moved in a little over a year ago.

To see before pictures of our kitchen, click here

 For the scrapbook page I'm sharing, I wanted to pick one element out of my inspiration page, so I chose the doily.  And I guess the flowers too, but I often put flowers on my pages, so that wasn't a stretch.  (from Gabrielle at Such a Pretty Mess)

I found the design in the MTC gallery (thanks user 1089!) and cut it out with my Cougar. 
Then built the page like this.  
Thanks for looking, and wish us luck as we tackle the dropped ceiling in the kitchen.  We discovered that it goes right to the attic there, so it's filled with insulation.   It will definitely be messy.

**If you want to see the completed kitchen, click here**