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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Unicorn Party

At the beginning of last month Meagan turned 6.  Her birthday kind of sneaked up on me this year since I had several big projects going on right before.  No cardboard castle this year.  But we managed to pull together a little party for her, and I think she had a lot of fun!

She asked for a unicorn party, and since I couldn't find anything with that theme in my quick trip to Michael's, I made up a couple of things on my own.

The game: Pin the Horn on the Unicorn (we play some version of "Pin the..." at almost every party)

I printed out a unicorn head picture and then using the grid techinique you learn in elementary school drew it out on a piece of poster board.  Then I went at it with markers.  The girls each got a horn to decorate with markers and sparklies before we pinned them.

The craft: Color a Unicorn.  I bought wood horses and glued a piece of toothpick on the back of their heads.

The cake: I lucked out here and she didn't ask for an actual unicorn cake.  The request was for purple frosting and pink flowers.  I bought pink candy melts and drew flowers (and a number 6) on a piece of foil (using a baggie with the corner clipped off) and just peeled the foil off when they were all set.

The birthday girl:

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  1. I love planning my son's birthday parties but for just a brief moment I wish I had a little girl when I read about your party. Who doesn't want to decorate their own unicorn horns at a party? Hmmm...my birthday is in a couple of weeks ;)

  2. Visiting from Tip Junkie: I know your little girl felt special! I used to collect unicorns when I was little. .I wish I lived close to you and I could have dug out my collection for your little girl's party. . lol. Love the horses transformed into unicorn craft.

  3. I love the creativity of the unicorn party and the cake is awesome - I LOVE the "6" out of chocolate. Thanks for sharing - I found you on TIP JUNKIE