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Monday, February 20, 2012

Fala Portugues?

Source: google.com via Emmy Lou on Pinterest

I'm pretty sure I've mentioned before that I served a church mission to Portugal back when I was 21.  For 18 months I lived in Portugal (and also the Cape Verde islands) learning the language, learning about the people, and talking to them about Christ.  It really was an amazing experience.  Since it was *soooo* long ago ;) none of my pictures are digital.  Maybe someday I'll scan a few to show you.  Maybe.

Anyway, I got curious recently if anyone who reads my little old blog also knows some Portuguese.  Honestly, I've forgotten a lot.  I haven't kept up with it like I would need to to really retain all of it.  But I thought it might be fun to pass a few notes back and forth with someone who also speaks...even just a little.  

So, deixa-me uma mensagem!  Obrigada!

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  1. Falo! Mas, voce ja sabia. I did a post on Brazil today, too! What a coincidence!


  2. No falo, pero entiendo mucho! Hablo espanol. Servio in Paraguay hace mucho anos!

  3. Not me, I know very, very basic Spanish! My dad served his mission in Hong Kong... he retained the language for 30 years until he passed away! So keep it fresh :)

  4. ola, eu sou Portuguesa e adorei ver a fotos tao lindas do meu pais. Os meus pais tambem foram missionarios em Portugal:)

  5. Servi a minha missao em Porto! Nao me lembro muito, mas eu encontrai sua blog via I Am Momma Hear me Roar.