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Thursday, February 9, 2012

First Kiss

It's a good time of year for love stories, right?
My husband and I had our first kiss 10 years ago today.  *awwww*

Exactly 2 months after that, he gave me this card (yes I kept it!)
along with a bag of Hershey's kisses.  So I thought it would be fun to give him a little something today.

I designed the card in Make the Cut and had it printed at Costco as a regular picture.  I would have printed it here, only we're out of colored ink :) 

Then I cut out several 7/8 inch circles out of duct tape sheets--using my Cougar machine, and stuck them right on the bottoms of the kisses!

Happy Kissing Anniversary, babe!

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  1. What a nice idea. I'm sure your hubby is going to love it! Thanks so much for sharing at our Link It Up Thursday party.

  2. So cute! I love it! Would you be interested in sharing this on my blog as a guest post? If so send me an email and we can talk dates. pmwhiteley (at) gmail (dot) com
    -Mackenzie @ www.fridaynightdatenight.blogspot.com

  3. That was so sweet of your hubby! I would have definitely kept that card too! And I love the card you made him...so sweet!

  4. Just started following your blog via linky & google! I found you on the blog hop! I love your stuff! Excited to be new friends!


  5. Just started following you through Linky! I love what I have read so far. If you would like to follow me back I would love it.



  6. hi there. hopped on over thanks, to the blog hop. i'm a new linky follower. would love it if you would follow me as well. have a great night!! (:

  7. I am now following you on Linky followers. I would love it if you followed me back. I always enjoy meeting new bloggers.

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  9. How sweet is that!! Linky Following you!

  10. What is it about The Count of Monte Cristo?! My husband and I have fond memories of kissing during that movie. :) Great job on the printable!

  11. Aww! That is too sweet! I found you on the Linky Blog Hop and am your newest linky follower. I'd be thrilled if you'd come visit me at One Artsy Mama!

  12. Happy Anniversary! Thanks for sharing at Bacon Time.