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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Why My Favorite Number is 27

27 is kind of a magic number for me, but not because it's my age.  Been a few years since that one now.  I'll tell you why:  I've found that any room or area of my house looks a million times 
better if I put just 27 
things away.  It usually 
only takes a few minutes too!

Let me show you an embarrassing picture of my garage floor.  

This is right at the door from the inside of the house, and it looked like this for probably two weeks.  Yep, for two weeks, every time we went in or out of the garage we were stepping in or over spilled crayons markers and pencils.  Why is it so hard to just do a job like that sometimes?  I don't know.  But I finally decided to do use my 27-thing trick, and look at the difference!  I counted all the crayons as one "thing", and it still only took about 3 minutes to clean up this whole little spot.   Now we no longer risk sprained ankles or death as we go in and out of this door.

Another visual proof for you?  How about my kitchen counter after breakfast and making lunches?  This is what it looked like the other day after getting the kids on the bus.  I do realize that I could put each thing away as soon as I'm done using it--but, well, there's a reason I don't run an organizing blog :)

Go try it.  Pick a room (or the table!) and put away just 27 things and see what you think!

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  1. I am so going to do this! Thanks!!

  2. I'm afraid the number for me might be closer to 78. Great tip though. Hey! I just had a great idea. Young kids would love this. Get a "that was easy" button. As soon as the kids are done picking up their mess, they can run over and hit the "that was easy" button. My little ones are at the "fight over the elevator button" stage, so I'm sure that would work. Then maybe I'd only have the 27 things that I left out to deal with!

  3. I have been 'hunting' your blog for a while now and just wanted to tell you that this post is one I relate to very well thank you very much. Funny that when we were 'empty nesters' we had no problem, but with kids and grand children living back at home off and on for a while, this is a good thing to 'suggest' we use as part of the 'move back home for a while contract' lol :)

  4. This would be great for my youngest. He can mess a room in no time flat. LOL

  5. oh you are so right my friend!!! now to get everyone in the fam on the 27 page!!!!:) thanks for sharing...hugs from your newest follower!

  6. 27 and 26 have always been two of my favorite numbers! I have been dragging my feet getting rid of lots of stuff and this is such a fun idea! Thanks for the much needed inspiration :)

  7. hey, that's also a flylady.com idea! love it! so effective.

  8. This idea may help me keep my sanity. My living goes to heck in a hand basket daily. Having a set number of things to pick up would make me feel productive. I'm giving you the versatile blogger award. I enjoy your blog and am looking forward to my crafty project from you for next month. :)

  9. awesome idea and 2 and 7 are my favorite numbers, so it would be easy for me to remember. I think I might try that today in my living room. The kids getting ready for school in the morning can sure make a mess.