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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Stenciled Magazine File

I bought this wood magazine file from Goodwill months ago, and while I've been using it on the counter for random papers, it wasn't prettified yet.  I thought I had a "before picture" on my computer somewhere, but I couldn't find it.  At first my plan was to Mod Podge some scrapbook paper onto it, but it's taller than 12 inches! 

So I finally stenciled it instead and I love it!

I painted it orange first then created (in Make-the-Cut) and cut (with my Cougar) some stencils out of vinyl.  I just used a color that I didn't love, so wouldn't be using on any actual vinyl projects.  Shelf liner from the dollar store would have worked great too, but this way I didn't have to go buy anything extra.

I adhered the stencil and painted it white.  There were only a few places where I had to touch up.

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I'm not sure there's anything around here safe from stenciling.  What do you think?  Is stenciling a passing trend or here to stay?
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  1. Love it! In my opinion, buying things from goodwill, then painting and stenciling them is the very-best-by-far way to decorate a home. :-) I like to thrift and paint. It might be an obsession (a money saving one!). Found your blog on the OBB fb post. :-) I'm a PNW crafter too. Vancouver, Wa, to be exact.

  2. Great idea! Stenciling seems to be one of those things that goes in and out of fashion every other decade or so.

  3. Love it - I might also try modge podging (if that's a term) with scrapbooking paper!! I saw an idea using these files to organize Ziploc baggie boxes in the pantry (or kitchen) -- great idea that I never thought of myself!!! Thanks for reminding me!!! Super cute!

  4. Moorish circles are my favorite, what a fun way to style things!


  5. So pretty! I love the design, plus who couldn't use about a million magazine holders?

  6. I think it's definitely here to stay! It's such a great {and EASY} alternative! This is adorable. Thanks for stopping by Third Floor Design Studio. I love to meet my fellow BYU-ers. I would love to get back to the NW. Such a beautiful part of the country!