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Monday, April 30, 2012

How to Make a Leather Necklace

Once upon a time, I wanted a leather jacket.  Really, really wanted one.  I must have thought it would make me cool.  Then my mom bought me one for my 23rd birthday--instant cool!  I mean, I got engaged and married when I was 23, so it must have worked!

Well, that was 10 years ago, and the cool has worn off (of me, not the jacket.)  Though the jacket had seen better days too.  It was wearing along the edges of the sleeve, near the zipper, and back when we had cats they left some pretty grim scratch marks in it.  

I couldn't wear it any more, and I certainly couldn't pass it on--no one else would wear it either!

But I didn't have the heart to just toss it in the trash, so I took scissors to it.  Is that better or worse?  Well, you tell me. 

I cut a long strip about 1 1/2 inches wide and glued it in half with hot glue.  

Then I snipped along the folded edge.  
Starting at one end, I rolled it up on itself and glued it into this flower shape.  

Out of black felt I cut one circle (for the backing) and one small strip (for the loop to hang it from)  Just using hot glue again, I attached the little loop and then the circle over the whole back.

I had this black cord already from another necklace and just switched it out for this new leather pendant.  I wonder if it still has some of it's magical properties... 

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I want to know--have you ever cut up something favorite so you could keep wearing it?

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  1. Not being terribly crafty, I'd have to say no, but I might in the future. Not only are you incredibly creative, you're also very brave! I would never have dared do something like this (leather!), but after seeing yours, maybe... inspirational as always, Steph!

  2. Ouch! I've paid big bucks for distressed leather, and you had it ready made. The necklace is darling--almost (but not quite) makes up for destroying the jacket.

  3. No, I have never. I imagine there are so many things you can create from it. Maybe even a small carry purse. You are so creative, I'm sure it would be beautiful!

  4. Cute necklace, Steph!!! Love it!

    I have a fun repurposing story, although I wasn't the crafter. After college, I moved to southern California; my best friend, Karen, moved to upstate New York. Consequently, I no longer needed all my warm sweaters and shipped them to her - including the red-and-brown wool sweater I wore when I got my first kiss (which I remembered because it was JUNE - even for Utah, that's a crazy cold snap!). Fast forward six years, when Karen and I meet up in Idaho, and she excitedly tells me she has a surprise: she learned how to make felt from wool sweaters and made purses from a few of my old sweaters. Guess which one she'd brought for me? She had no idea of that sweater's significance, but it cracks me up every time I see that purse. What's for you won't pass you, right?

  5. I made a quilt from a dress. It was a Gunnysack dress that my dad had bought me as a young woman. I always loved that dress and thought I would make a dress for my daughter but had 4 boys... Thus the quilt, which is probably better. It is beautiful, I just need to finish it!

  6. Steph, I LOVE this necklace!! Looks adorable with your shirt!

  7. Thanks for sharing this great idea!
    I love leather accessories:) &handmade is always cool..
    Thanks for visiting me dear!
    Love ~