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Monday, April 2, 2012

Kids Wands

**We're out enjoying Spring Break, and I hope you'll enjoy my pre-scheduled posts :)

This isn't so much of a tutorial type post as just a check-out-what-my-awesome-husband-did post.  The kids have been loving Harry Potter lately, and even Asher gets into the action by running around saying "Oh no, here comes Old Voldemort!"

Steve scored some serious Dad points when he busted out the Dremel and forged a wand for each kid out of dowels.  Then we gave them brown paint and let them paint their own.  

Are you raising a new generation of HP fans in your house?

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  1. What a great dad! These are adorable!! We made the trek to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter last year and wands are $30 each and look amazingly similar to these! :)

  2. What a talented husband you have! Hope you're enjoying your break!