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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Plastic Egg Toys

**We're out enjoying Spring Break, and I hope you'll enjoy my pre-scheduled posts :)

Don't throw those plastic eggs away after they've been emptied of their contents!  I originally posted this last summer, but figured this would be a perfect time to share them again.

We went to a music store the other day to pick up the next level of piano books for the girls and they had little egg-shaped shakers near the checkout and all three kids loved them.

As soon as we got home I grabbed my bag of eggs, glue gun and some dried beans (things like rice or popcorn would work too) and we made some quick little shakers.

Then I remembered this thing my mom did once when I was a kid, dumping metal washers and a bunch of Elmer's glue into the bottom of those black plastic eggs from nylons.  The weighted bottom makes them wobble, but always stand back up.  I had all the supplies to make a quicker version, since I didn't have to wait for the white glue to dry!

Squirt some hot glue into the bottom of your egg.  Stick some beans down in it and do another layer the same way.  Glue the top part of the egg to the bottom, and let the kids draw faces on them.  Major cool points earned by telling them they could use the permanent marker!

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Can you guess who drew which faces?  Here they are labeled for ya.

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