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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

SNAP Recap--the Event

A couple of days ago I shared pictures of the family I got to visit while in Utah.  Today I'm finally getting to the reason I went in the first place--the conference.  I decided to just dump it all here in one post, instead of splitting it up into different days (it will be easier on me, and probably on you too!)
Snap Team
I think if you ask anyone what the best part about the conference was, they'd say it was the people they got to meet.  And I agree!  It was such a blast to have 300 people in a room who "get" why I like to blog.

My collection of business cards from the weekend--see yours, or anyone you recognize?

I wish I could have gotten a picture with every single person I met, but of course that wasn't possible (and might have even seemed a little creepy :) But I did get a few pictures with a few people that I really enjoyed talking to.  

Michelle from Someday Crafts (and her cute little guy!)

Bettijo and Aimee from Paging Supermom (they brought cute buttons to share with everyone, it was easy to spot who had met them already)
Bridget from Bridgey Widgey (we bonded over my boots, but I'm now in love with her blog, go check it out!)
Beckie from Infarrantly Creative (and Knock-off Decor...and Roadkill Rescue :)
Sara from Confetti Sunshine (a super cute party blog, and she lives in my same state!)
Cyndi from CyndiMarie (blog/virtual services)
Tam from Sew Dang Cute Crafts (just as nice as you'd expect her to be from her blog!)
Nat and Holly from My Sister's Suitcase (these gals are just as fun and cute as they seem on their blog--one of my favorites, by the way!)
Christie from Pops and Podge (the one person I knew from real life before going--we lived in the same neighborhood before we bought our house)

And really, I thought everyone was so nice.  Honestly, I was kind of nervous going.  I went totally by myself and worried a little about where I'd sit at dinner, and who I'd go to classes with.  I never "buddied up" with a group of people.  But as it turned out, it was kind of liberating to just sit down anywhere I wanted and meet whoever was sitting there!  I even made myself go introduce myself to some "blogging celebs" that I recognized, even if all I did was tell them, "I recognize you from your blog and just wanted to come say 'hi'."  And then almost couldn't believe when I'd trade cards with someone and they'd say "Oh yeah, I know your blog."  Awesome :)

The next set of pictures are from the dance party on the last night.  Not the most flattering light perhaps, but don't we all look like we're having fun?  Someone even told me I was a good dancer--it must have been REALLY dark in there.

 Kami (No Biggie) Mandi (Vintage Revivals) Shelley (House of Smiths)

Jamielyn from I Heart Naptime

Steph (The Daily Blarg) Jen (Tatertots and Jello)

Phew!  Now that my floor is littered with all the names I dropped, I'll give you my super quick summary of what happened.

Tulip Festival
Pin It

If I had to pick two main themes that I took away from the conference, it would be these.

1) My time is valuable.  Someday this may mean that I really try to make some money from my little old blog here (more than a penny a day from Google AdSense :) But that's not really the direction I'm going right now.  So, if I'm looking at my blog as a hobby, I need to make sure that I'm not spending job-like hours on it.  My time is also valuable to my husband, my kids, and other responsibilities I have.
Ring I bought for my sister from Love Stitched

2) There are a lot of other people like me out there--they love making things, love sharing them, care about other people, have families they love, have things they struggle with, and maybe even get nervous and overwhelmed with having to meet a bunch of new people.  But, no one laughed when I told them my blog name, no one walked away when I tried to talk to them, and after listening to all the speakers I ended up feeling like I really have something worth saying and I can do good.

Please know that I'm so happy when you take a few minutes out of your schedule to stop by and see what I've been up to.  So thank you!  And if you took time to talk to me at SNAP, thank you too!

(check out the link party if you want to see what everyone else had to say about the weekend)

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  1. Steph!!! I love all your pictures! I'm so glad you posted the one of the 3 of us, because the one on my camera didn't turn out :( It was so great meeting you, I wish we would have been able to hang out more! You are a rockstar on the dance floor my friend :)

  2. Hi Steph! I met you in the line for the Velata Chocolate and I was so happy to meet you. You're just as sweet as you are here on your blog! I love your photos, but especially the night shot of the water tower - awesome!

  3. Such a great post-and fun pictures! It was so fun to be able to meet you at SNAP! I felt the same way as far as handing out my cards and people recognizing me! I can't wait to see everyone again next year!

    Newlyweds on a Budget

  4. Awwh! You're adorable! And I'm sad that we only basically met up and had a little chat that last night! Next year for SURE we'll be doing a lot more connecting and chatting :)
    Thank you so much for coming! I'm so happy you had a great time!

  5. Thanks for sharing your experience. It sounds like it was great. You are an inspiration to me! I'm so glad that you had such a good time.

  6. Oh my now I am in trouble, have just clicked on nearly every blog you mentioned to check them out!! I am an Aussie girl but a big fan of blogs the worldwide especially creative and family ones... Just more to add to my ever bulging bloglines. Thanks for the inspiration and the introductions.

  7. Thank you for your SNAP summary. What an inspiration you are jumping in when you were nervous! I think I would be so tongue tied I would just wander and stare at people like a creepy stalker.

  8. I am SOOOOOO glad you stopped by to say hi to me! I felt so responsible for making sure that things were going and looking as planned...I felt VERY out of touch with meeting all the amazing people I WANTED to meet. You are adorable. And putting yourself out there is the bravest thing you could ever do! Yay you!

  9. So glad we met this weekend! We should have got a picture! I have had so much fun looking around your site! Now following you!

  10. You are a cutie, and I'm glad we met, if only briefly...I DID recognize your blog! I see my card in that stack you've got, too...;)

  11. Sucha fun recap!
    I too loved getting to meet so many fun like minded minds! I am already looking forward to SNAP13 even thought I still haven't caught up on my sleep!

  12. It was so great to meet you, Steph! And I totally agree... it was so nice to be in a room full of people who "get" why I like to blog :)

  13. Sooo glad you had a great time at SNAP! I loved reading all your updates and posts about your trip! LOVE your paper earrings too---WOW!

  14. Steph you are such a sweetheart! It was seriously a highlight of the whole conference for me meeting you and chatting with you a bit. You are darling and I'm so glad I can now put a face with your blog profile pic, lol! XOXO, Tam

  15. Such a fun event - I wasn't able to go, but saw the "SNAP" bus at the Tulip Festival on the same day we went. Too bad we didn't run into you there, it was so beautiful!

  16. I JUST uploaded my pics and did my post. I was supposed to email you a picture, so I will! :) So FUN meeting you!!! I'm glad you had a good time!