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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

DIY Large Frame

Are you one of those lucky folks who manages to stumble across huge frames for cheap at thrift stores or garage sales?  I am not that person, so when I wanted to frame our family picture from last summer, I got to work.  I posted this tutorial on HoneyBear Lane as one of her new contributors last month, but if you missed it, here it is again.

Here's what you'll need to build a frame:

a piece of moulding (or baseboard, or trim) about 10 feet (my 10 foot piece of mdf cost under $7)
a piece of beadboard (see if you can get a scrap from someone. I had this left over from a previous room redo)
miter box
measuring tape
liquid nails and caulking gun
clamps or heavy books
wood filler
sawtooth hanger
picture hanger and hammer

Ok, I know it looks like a long list, but it's not too bad.  And don't be afraid of the miter box either.  I had never used one before this project, and it's a piece of cake!   

Decide how big you want your frame to be.  It helps to have your photo available, then cut out a large piece of paper around it to get a visual on the sizing.  I had an 11x14 picture I wanted to display, so here are my measurements:
2 boards (measuring longest points)-- 23 inches
2 boards-- 19.5 inches
beadboard (you want it a little smaller that your outer frame measurement)-- 21.5 inches x 18 inches

Cut moulding pieces using saw and miter box.  You will be cutting at a 45 degree angle, with the longest side being the outside edge of the frame.

 Sand any rough bits of the cut.  

And be sure to do it over a black table so your kids can come along later and write you messages in the dust.

Paint frame pieces.  TIP: rest boards on top of plastic caps to keep them off the table while you paint the edges.  I painted each one yellow (using just regular craft paint--DecoArt Lemon Yellow) and when they were dry I added a coat of this cool coastal-blue (DecoArt Bahama Blue).  When the blue was dry I lightly sanded with a fine grit sandpaper to faintly distress it and let some yellow show through.  This would look really cool layering another color or two in there as well for a more dramatically distressed look.

Paint beadboard piece.  I painted two coats of high gloss white trim paint that we had from painting new baseboards all through our house.

When everything is thoroughly dried, spread a line of the liquid nails around the edge of the beadboard and press down your frame pieces, clamping or covering with books to ensure a good bond.  Let it dry for a day--you want it to be solidly secure.  

If the joints at the corners seem obvious, fill them in with a little wood filler, smooth out and paint when dry.

Find the center of the top back and hammer in the sawtooth hanger, then hang on your wall.  Attach your picture to the center of the beadboard using small pieces of double sided tape.  (There's no glass for this frame of course)

And there you have it. There's so much potential with this process.  I hope you've been inspired to try it out on your own--I'd love to see! 

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  1. Your right...it's sometimes hard to find just the right frame when you need it. Yours is a great solution and I loved the tutorial. Great Job! Yours looks amazing!

  2. Love the color of your frame. You frame is awesome! :-)

  3. This is a great way and a fairly cheap way to get a custom frame. Love the blue you painted your frame. :)


  4. Your family photo is so precious! It's a nice touch with the beadboard and being able to custome size and color your frame. Thanks!

  5. Thanks for posting this, so great. I have so many pictures that I want to do this for. I regularly follow your blog and find it inspiring, so I'm passing along the Sunshine Award to you today for all of your creativity and inspiration! Come on over to LeslieMarquezDesigns.blogspot.com to check it all out~

  6. You were brave to tackle that but you make it seem less intimidating. I especially like the tip about sanding over a dark table -- wink, wink! Thanks so much for linking up at I Gotta Create! <3 Christina

  7. Love this project. You've picked such great colors! Thanks for sharing over on Show and Tell Wednesday, I am including it as a featured project!

    xoxo, Tauni

  8. Turned out amazing! Awesome tutorial! Thanks so much for sharing at Mom On Timeout!

  9. This is so cute. I love the beadboard as a mat! I blog over at http://www.2crafty4myskirt.blogspot.com/ Every Friday I feature a fellow crafter. I would love to feature you and this project in an upcoming Friday. If you are interested please let me know toocraftyformyskirt@hotmail.com