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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Easy Teacher Gifts

In just two more weeks we're all done with school here.  I know some places are already out, but since our months of nice weather are usually July and August, it's nice to have summer break all the way through them.

For the school teachers I painted a picture frame, put scrapbook paper in it, and added "days until" in vinyl on the glass.  I will include a dry erase marker and a note that says 

You taught me, I could count the days
But I can never count the ways

Oh yeah, I've got mad poetry skillz :)

Then for the ballet teacher a dispenser for her studio bathroom.  The hardest part was just finding the right ballet image.  It's vinyl too of course, and a small ribbon tied around the top.

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Thanks for stopping by--I hope they like them!

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  1. Great idea! Wow your kids still have 2 weeks left? Mine were done last Friday and they are so happy about it!

  2. Fun teacher gifts! I love the ballet soap for the studio!

  3. As a teacher, I would love to receive any of these at the end of the year. That bee paper you used is so cute! I have a real thing for hexagons!

    Thanks so much for you comment on my blog. Every one I receive makes my day!

    By the way, if you are still looking Guest Posters, I'd be interested.

    Bronwyn @ Queen B Creative Me.