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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Instagram--Yay or Nay?

I finally downloaded the android app for my phone, but have yet to actually set up an account.  Should I go for it?  Apparently I'm reverting today to my insecure middle-school self who needs validation from friends before making a decision :) Do I need the "network" ability of it, or do I really just want one of the other apps that can do cool photo filters?  What do you think?
And do I want it to match my blog name, actual name, or a combo?

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  1. I just d/l it myself - since I got my new iphone 4s this week - but have NO clue what to do with it...lol

  2. I'd give it a go, if you didn't like it you can always stop!
    If it's going to be mostly blog related photos, use your blog name or a mix up of the two.

  3. I LOVE instagram!! It's a super fun app. I say go for it! :)