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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Felt Magnet Bookmark

My 8 year-old loves to read.  I think it's fabulous, even when it means she'd rather stay in bed and read than get up and get ready for school.

She also usually has more than one book going at once, which means books turned upside down to mark her place on the counter, the couch, the table, her bed...Not the best way to save a place when I'm trying to clean up.  I'm hoping that having a magnetic bookmark might both encourage her to use it, and also keep it from falling out of the book.


super strong magnets (3.99 for 9)
felt sheets (about 50c each)
glue gun (on hand)
scissors (on hand)

Total Project Cost: $8.00 to make 4 bookmarks


Step 1--Cut these pieces from your choice of felt colors:
1 strip (3/4 inch by 10 inches)
4 circles (1 3/4 inch diameter)
1 flower and one circle (or other shapes you want)

Step 2--Place one of the small magnets on a felt circle, then top with the other, sandwiching and end of the strip inside.  Glue edges to close.

Step 3--Do the same with the other side, making sure that the attractive sides of the magnets are going to be facing each other when the bookmark is folded over the book pages (otherwise the magnets will repel each other, and you'll be annoyed)

Step 4--Add the felt flower and center and mark your book.

These would make great favors for a book themed party, don't you think?


  1. I wish I'd had bookmarks like that as a kid, what a great idea!

  2. Brilliant idea and it's so cute too!

    xo. kate

  3. this is so cute! I should make one of these for my son; his bookmarks are always falling out of his book.

  4. This is super cute!!! Love the new look of your blog too, nice and fresh!

  5. Love this idea! My kids' bookmarks always fall out. I'll definitely be making some of these. Thanks for commenting on my blog today. I'll definitely be coming back to your great site. I joined through google. I hope you'll visit my site again on Friday and link up some of your great projects at One Creative Weekend on OneCreativeMommy.com.