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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Nikon CoolPix P510

Thanks for the comments and advice I got the other day when I asked about cameras!  I cashed in my Christmas and November birthday presents in early to get a new toy:

I ended up picking this Nikon camera.  It is not a dslr, and there's not an option for changeable lenses, though the zoom is great on it.  I felt like this was a good choice for learning manual settings and having a camera that didn't feel SO huge to carry around with me when we go out.  Plus, we got it from Costco, so I have a couple of months to play around with it and can return it if it turns out to really not be what I want.  But really, I think I'll be fine.  

I mostly want to take better blog pictures and better pictures of the kids.  I'm not doing crazy telephoto stuff or extreme sports and action shots.

I've been reading things online to learn about aperture, ISO and shutter speed, as well as checking out the manual on CD that came with the camera.

And look--here's one of my practice shots--unedited even!

What are your favorite photography learning resources?

1 comment:

  1. this might be what I'm looking for! better pictures for my blog and of my kids but nothing professional or too heavy to take places. thanks for the info!