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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Has Blogging Made Me Dependent?

Source: herblog.com via Stephanie on Pinterest

It's a strange paradox, this thing called blogging.  It can be so motivating and yet so paralyzing.

Source: heartifb.com via Stephanie on Pinterest

The following thoughts have recently passed through my head:

--I should really organize this cupboard, but I haven't taken any before pictures yet.

--I love this shirt, I think I'll wear it today...but I've been meaning to blog about it...and I didn't fix my hair all cute this morning...so I can't take a picture of myself in it...so I'll wear something else instead.

--I have a craft for my kids to do, but their hair isn't all cute either, and I wanted to take a picture of them while they were making it, so we can't do that project right now.

--No one liked my instagram picture of us while we were mini golfing...did we not have as much fun as I thought we were having?

--I wonder if I should share a picture of my bed all messy in the morning--then someone can tell me "good job" for having made it, because it looks so much better after.

--If I do something cool or worthwhile, but don't blog about it, did it really happen?

Does anyone else think things like this or is it just me?  (and if it's just me it's ok--you can tell me)  

I'm now trying to shift to find my self-earned satisfaction: knowing I am spending time with my family, completing projects around the house or even just cleaning because I know it's important to my family's well-being and not relying on someone else to tell me I did a good job.

I'm not giving up on blogging, or even trying to take a break.  I just need to make sure I'm getting out there and liking my own life, not just posting on Facebook and sitting around waiting for other people to like it for me.

In the spirit of this "do things because I want to, not because I just think other people will like reading about it or I want something to show for it" I am spending the day getting things ready to celebrate the birthday of my favorite person.  Happy birthday love!  

I'm also going to join in on The Nester's 31 days series, where you pick one thing to write about, and write every day for the month of October.  People have chosen anything from organization to thrifty tips to lessons learned.  I'm going to try 31 days of Being a Better Mom.  It won't get me to perfection :) but there are at least 31 things that I could be doing at least a little bit better-and this will encourage me to work on them.  And don't worry, all the regular crafty goodness will still show up around here too. 

**Be sure to check out Day 1 for my list of disclosures :)

Day 1: Breakfast
Day 2: Listening
Day 3: Please
Day 4: Thank You
Day 5: No Yelling
Day 6: Be in Pictures
Day 7: Compliments
Day 8: Work
Day 9: Special Note
Day 10: Have a Routine
Day 11: Break Routine Sometimes
Day 12: Computer Break
Day 13: Get Messy
Day 14: Pray
Day 15: Say Sorry
Day 16: Reading
Day 17: Ask Their Advice
Day 18: Use Humor
Day 19: Teach a Skill
Day 20: Me Time
Day 21: Games
Day 22: Imagination
Day 23: Be Happy
Day 24: Cooking
Day 25: Sympathy
Day 26: Do Something They Want
Day 27: You're Human
Day 28: Mom Time
Day 29: Don't Give Up
Day 30: Patience
Day 31: Love 'em 


  1. Ha ha aha! Can't tell you HOW many times I have thought the same exact things! Blogging has changed things in our house too, like when I photograph our dinners instead of just eating them.
    I featured your stendciled wall at this week's Pink Hippo Party @ http://pinkapotamus.blogspot.com/2012/10/pink-hippo-party-98.html
    Amie @ Pinkapotamus

  2. Yeah, sometimes blogging can make you go all coocoo. I've had the same conversations going on in my head, but I've tried to take it slower and sometimes I just don't post a photo if I don't have one. Enjoy your days and the things you do, and don't care if other people "like" it. That's just not important. You're blogging because you like it! And if the page views go down, so what?

  3. Yeah, blogging is a head game. I completely understand. This is what I tell myself. Just do your thang. Do your thang. Good advice, no?

  4. Oh girl you are not alone!! hahaha It's kind of sad when I think of how I go through my daily motions ALWAYS thinking in blog terms....Every time I get done scarfing down a meal I think crap I forgot to take a picture of it before I dug in. When it comes to that time of the year for day light savings and I know the days are going to be shorter I automatically am irritated bc this means all blog photography will have to be done on the weekends (since by time I get home from work it's pitch black!)Oh....the list goes on!

  5. (oops...i posted my comment but it said it was from my husband. i didn't realize he was logged into google and not me...so I deleted it. Here's MY comment...)
    This post makes me smile. I bet you anything most bloggers have similar thoughts. Speaking as a reader of blogs, not so much a blogger (though I do have one that I don't post on very often) We readers would probably rather see your kids crafting with messy hair or a full kitchen sink in the background, or your cute shirt with your messy hair or even a closeup without a head shot :). As a reader, I can find myself with inferior thoughts about myself when I see only perfection on people's blogs. In fact, those blogs quickly become the ones I don't read anymore. I like REAL posts! So just blog about the real!! www.justplainivy.blogspot.com

  6. I love the 31 days idea!! I found your blog on Southern Lovely and I am your newest follower. I would love for you to follow me back so that we can continue to share ideas. Looking forward to more posts! :)