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Monday, October 1, 2012

Better Mom Day 1: Breakfast

As I mentioned in my post that went up late last night, I decided (kind of last minute-ly) to join The Nester's 31 day link up with the theme of being a better mom.

I feel like I should provide some kind of disclosure here:  

This is not an expert series.  I'm not going to be writing these to tell anyone else how to be a better mom.  Yeah, I'm guessing all moms feel like they should be doing some things better, but I can't tell you what those things would be for you.  I can only try to figure out and change the things *I* would like to be doing better.

Just because I do something on one of my 31 days, doesn't mean I'll be doing it every single day.  One of my day plans is going to be a Facebook/social media-free day.  That doesn't mean I'm going a whole month without checking my email or reading blogs.  But for one day I will.  

Just because I do something on one of my 31 days doesn't mean I've never done it before.  Yes, I've made french toast for my kids before :)  I've read to them before :)  But I'll be doing those things with better focus--more intentional.

I do hope that some of my goals carry over into many days (and past the month of October)  I'm trying to make "no yelling" days be in the majority here.

So for day number one, I fixed my kids French toast for breakfast before school.  They always have breakfast, but it's usually cold cereal.  I always think it will be faster in the morning.  Amazingly, having this breakfast out for them this morning...they finished eating (and were able to start working on the rest of their morning lists) 15 minutes earlier than usual!

Day 1: Breakfast
Day 2: Listening
Day 3: Please
Day 4: Thank You
Day 5: No Yelling
Day 6: Be in Pictures
Day 7: Compliments
Day 8: Work
Day 9: Special Note
Day 10: Have a Routine
Day 11: Break Routine Sometimes
Day 12: Computer Break
Day 13: Get Messy
Day 14: Pray
Day 15: Say Sorry
Day 16: Reading
Day 17: Ask Their Advice
Day 18: Use Humor
Day 19: Teach a Skill
Day 20: Me Time
Day 21: Games
Day 22: Imagination
Day 23: Be Happy
Day 24: Cooking
Day 25: Sympathy
Day 26: Do Something They Want
Day 27: You're Human
Day 28: Mom Time
Day 29: Don't Give Up
Day 30: Patience
Day 31: Love 'em 


  1. I'm excited to read more about your "31 Days to Being a Better Mom"! What a great topic! I'm writing on "31 Days of Celebrating the Moments that Matter". It's going to be fun.

  2. I love this! Can't wait to see what you post for the rest of the 30 days!