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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Better Mom Day 18: Use Humor

If you're new to the 31 day series, over 1200 bloggers have chosen a theme they want to write about every day in October ranging from food or fashion to faith or fabric.  See the whole list at The Nester.  I decided to focus on trying to be a better mom, and you can see my first post here.

Day 18: Use Humor
Man, I can't tell you how hard this is for me.  If I've gotten to the point where my patience is slipping, the last thing I was to be is funny.  I want to be firm, and right, and in charge.  My husband is the best at this.  He can come in and diffuse any situation by planning a trip to the moon or suggesting a trip to Home Depot for a new foot.  We call it Daddy Magic.  And I'm working on creating some of my own.

What tricks do you have for helping your kids (or your own) attitude shift with humor?


  1. my husband is the family expert at this too!

  2. I love your 31 days series! My husband is the best at this too. I seriously have no idea how single parents do it!

  3. It must be a hubs/daddy thing, because every day is a party to him! I wish I could let loose and just be in the moment like him, instead of worrying if they washed their hair, picked out their clothes for tomorrow or took their baths!

  4. Ditto...hubby is great at this. I stink, but I'm trying to.

  5. That is a good idea!


  6. I tell my daughter if she is hurt that we will have to amputate her [insert whatever body part is hurt] usually it sends her into a state of panic until she can see that I am laughing and then all is well

  7. thanks for sharing.