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Monday, October 22, 2012

Better Mom Day 22: Imagination

If you're new to the 31 day series, over 1200 bloggers have chosen a theme they want to write about every day in October ranging from food or fashion to faith or fabric.  See the whole list at The Nester.  I decided to focus on trying to be a better mom, and you can see my first post here.

Day 22: Imagination
It must be my old age...but my imagination has definitely seen better days.  My first choice of activity is generally not playing Littlest Pet Shop or cars.  Happily, my kids often play really well together, but I tried to make sure to play along with Asher and his train today as he was telling me all about the people riding it, and we got to be passengers too.  My next goal will be to actually increase my playing-attention-span, so that I'm not so quickly drawn to cleaning out the fridge.

And with Halloween just a week and a half away, if you find your self looking for some printables, you can see if these would be useful--maybe a matching game for the kids?

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  1. I heart your blog! I'm a new GFC follower :)