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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Better Mom Day 24: Cooking

If you're new to the 31 day series, over 1200 bloggers have chosen a theme they want to write about every day in October ranging from food or fashion to faith or fabric.  See the whole list at The Nester.  I decided to focus on trying to be a better mom, and you can see my first post here.

Day 24: Cooking

Here's a picture of my 8 year old helping me get ribs ready to go in the oven for dinner.  I didn't make her touch them, she probably wouldn't have :)  But she did great with the salt and pepper.  After this lesson, I don't expect her to be in charge of dinner from now on, but there are definitely lots of things I could be teaching her in the kitchen.  I'm trying to get my kids more involved in what we eat around here.  Partly so they'll be more interested in trying it, and partly so they can realize the work that really goes into what ends up on the table.  

A while ago I had the girls once a week each picking out a main dish, side and dessert, and then they'd help fix it.  I haven't done that in a while (it was easier in the summer when we were all home all day)  So I'm thinking it may reappear as a Sunday activity. The only rules are that it has to be a healthy main dish (something with meat or chicken, and not pizza :) and a vegetable or fruit side.

I feel like my kids are pretty picky eaters, but they will generally eat the bites we put on their plate so they can get more of what they want (more olives, another piece of bread, whatever)   What are your kids favorite meals?  Maybe we could try them around here too!


  1. I have really enjoyed reading about your 31 day journey! Very inspirational to all moms!


  2. My kids love pasta dishes, but I try to mix it up with different sauces and/or meats to make it more interesting!

  3. Great idea having them help in the kitchen. A friend of mine is letting her daughters make dinner once a week. They get to choose the meal and the side dishes and they LOVE it!

  4. I was just telling my husband last night that I want to turn Saturdays into our family dinner nights where we pick some elaborate dinner and everyone does something to help prepare it. Love this idea!