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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Better Mom Day 31: Love 'em

If you're new to the 31 day series, over 1200 bloggers have chosen a theme they want to write about every day in October ranging from food or fashion to faith or fabric.  See the whole list at The Nester.  I decided to focus on trying to be a better mom, and you can see my first post here.

Day 31: Love 'em

If you're still sticking around reading my posts, thank you!  I feel like most of what I did this month was reveal to you all my weaknesses and bad habits!  As October ends so does my 31 Days to Being a Better Mom--but not the journey.  My final thoughts are that I want to love my kids.  I want them to know that I love them.  I know that it comes out in actions: hopefully all the things I talked about all month.  And that I shouldn't be comparing myself to other moms because my kids don't want other moms.  They want me--and your kids want you.

And here's a glimps of our Halloween.  By request, kids are a witch, a leopard, and a road :)


  1. A road!!! That is awesome!!!!! And the girls are super cute, of course!

  2. Look how long and pretty your hair is!!

  3. I've just been looking through your blog. I think the fact that you want al those things as a mother makes you the perfect mother. As my Mum once said to me when I was having a guilty mother moment, we all do our best and that is perfection. The grass is always greener because we don't see their moments