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Monday, November 12, 2012

Our Thankful Tree

One of my favorite parts of this family activity is finding out all the creative things my kids are thankful for.

Asher drew a roller coaster and the letter A
Meagan listed "bags" because they can help you carry things
And Emily included "toothpaste, because it makes your teeth clean"

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I was happy to see that friends and family made it onto leaves  too :)

I cut the tree out of brown packing paper and glued it to the wall with a flour-water paste.  Then the leaves were just put up with tape.  It will all be easy to take down when we're done, though I expect we'll add to is some more before Thanksgiving comes.  The banner is one I made a couple of years ago.  

And remember, now's the time to run out to get fall flowers on clearance so you can make these adorable turkeys for dinner next week!

What's the funniest or cutest thing your kids have been thankful for?


  1. I LOVE this idea. I seen something similar on Pinterest and pinned it:) I didn't get around to making one though:( maybe next year!

  2. Hi, Steph

    This is a great idea and super cute. Fun project for the kiddos to make. Love!


  3. I love this, Steph! My family made one, too. I love your version. Pinning!