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Monday, December 24, 2012

Candy Cane Wall Art

My project today actually started as an idea from my husband--for a couple of years now I've had this wall of Ikea mirrors over our kitchen table.  I painted them brown and put squares of scrapbook paper in a few of them to make it a little more interesting.

When fall came this year, I painted some fake flowers with gold paint and put cream paper over each mirror.

My husband suggested candy canes in the center of each one, and I loved the idea, and felt like it was time to brighten everything up a bit too.

I took each brown frame and a painted it with a robin egg blue color.  It took a few coats to cover the dark brown underneath, but when everything dried I sanded down the edges to reveal the brown underneath.

Then I cut white cardstock to cover each mirror section and used hot glue to attach a mini candy cane in each one.  Cute and simple!  And I'm pretty sure that my kids are old enough now that none of these will go missing.  (Plus, the box I bought had 100 mini canes in it, so there are plenty to go around :)

I'd love to hear other candy cane decoration ideas too, since like I said, there are a few left over! 

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1 comment:

  1. They look adorable and I love the Robin's Egg Blue you chose for the frames. What a great idea to change up what is displayed from season to season! I really like that. Have a wonderful Christmas tomorrow!