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Monday, December 17, 2012

My Thoughts

I don't have anything remarkable or particularly inspiring to say, but I don't want to simply say nothing.  My heart hurts for so many people right now.  My tears and prayers have joined those of so many others this weekend.  And also like so many others, I've held my children tighter, played games instead of doing laundry, and tried to be kinder and more patient with everyone around me.

I talked to my kids briefly about what happened, to make sure that they heard it from me before they went back to school.  And you know what?--it was my sweet children who gathered around me with hugs as I started crying.

As I see so many things that are out of my control, I hope that what I can control will be a power for good: my words, my actions, my attitude.

My family continues to pray that there may be peace and comfort for all the victims' families.  And for everyone else who is hurting, for not all tragedies become national news.  We will still look for the good in others and hopefully be inspired to be more of that good as well.


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