Monday, January 30, 2012

Make a Splash SWEATERS

Welcome to the very first Make a Splash post!

I want to give a very big thank you to all the ladies who participated in this first month.  Their assigned Secret Supply was sweaters and their results are amazing! 

So check out all these ideas, and you might change your mind about tossing those tired winter sweaters into the donation box.  (You'll see my comments in blue)

Up-Cycled Sweater Camera Strap Cover
I was so excited about Steph's Make A Splash Challenge!  I love a good challenge.  I was even more excited when she said the secret supply was sweaters!  I made a cute coffee cozy before using a sweater sleeve and I have been itching to up-cycle another sweater!  This time...a camera strap cover for my horribly uncomfortable one I have now!  I simply cut a ribbon of the cable sweater that had a pretty design.  One end of the ribbon had the finished bottom of the sweater and the other end I simply just folded over to create a hem.  Then I used a piece of scrap fabric to act as a binder and glued the edges together!  I fed my strap through and wah-lah!  A super cute, super comfy camera strap!  I am anxious to add a rosette or a pocket for my lens!  Thanks Steph for the great challenge!  
Beautiful Che!  I love the texture of the strip you chose.  And yay for comfy picture taking!

Sam from The Junk House

Bedazzled Sweater Frame

This frame is perfect to showoff those winter pictures! It was a cheap and easy project using a $1 thrift store frame and a $1 thrift store sweater (and hot glue). I also added a little bling with some rhinestones from my craft stash. Everything needs a little shimmer!
You're right, it is great for winter pictures.  So original!
Sarah from Alderberry Hill

Sweater Pillows 
This project has been on my list for the past year - I'm so happy to have completed it!
This project cost me absolutely nothing. The 2 sweaters were onse I had put aside to giveaway. One was mine the other my daughters. The fill was a couple of pillows I had made 2 years ago that I no longer liked. I just sewed the sweaters to fit exactly over the pillows. For the red pillow I cut the trim off of the neck and sleeves of the sweater to make the flowers.
I love that you used one of yours and one of your daughter's.  I think the red's my favorite and the trim flowers totally set it off!


Sweater and Chain Camera Strap
I had a black cardigan from The Loft that was really soft, but unfortunately, it shrunk.  I ended using the fabric from the sleeves to make a camera strap, embellished with some gold leather and chain.    
I love the gold additions--it's so glam!  You and Che are making me wish I had a fancy camera, just so I could dress it up :)

Trish from Uncommon


Sweater Ring 

Here is my sweater project!  I made this ring out of a sweater that I purchased from a local thrift store.  I felted the wool in my washing machine and dryer and then made a felt rose and glued it on top of a ring blank.  Super easy! 
Just fabulous!  I love the color and the flower looks amazing.
(now me)
Of course I had my own sweater to work with.  I used instructions from At Second Street for turning a shirt into a hat and modified them to turn this old--and shrunk in the wash--sweater into a hat.

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So what did you think?  Have you been inspired to go rescue a sweater of your own?

If you want a chance to work with a secret supply in an upcoming month, please let me know!   Details and all these great projects are listed in the Make a Splash tab on the top menu.  February participants will be getting their information from me soon.

And as always, if you love one or all of these ideas and want to Pin them, please visit the creator's blog to pin from the original source.  They'll love you for it :)  

**Guess what--I put up instructions on how I made my hat**
You can see it here:  Make a hat from an old sweater

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Tip Junkie handmade projects

Friday, January 27, 2012

My New Church Bag

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I have a story for you.  A Pinterest success story.   But I have to let you know I'm a terrible story teller.  My stories usually go something like this:  

"So the other day, I was going to this place with this person and we saw this thing...I mean, it looked like a thing.  I guess we were actually on our way to this other place, and really I was with this other person, because it happened on Tuesday.  I remember because I made muffins for breakfast that morning.  Anyway, it was really funny.  And those muffins were good."

So I'll give you the short and sweet story of this bag, and tell you just what happened.

A couple of weeks ago I saw this tote tutorial on Mommy by Day, Crafter by Night and put it on my "Things to Make" pin board.  Do you know how long I've had some things sitting there?  I'm sure you do :)  I was determined to actually make and use something on that list!

I took a couple of different trips to the store to finally decide what fabric I wanted to use.  There were so many great options, and I almost went with an orange version of the main fabric instead.  But this color combo won out, and I think it's really my style.

Her instructions were great, and she even answered one of my questions right away when I wasn't quite sure which direction the pattern on my fabric should go.  Thanks Ashley!

 I added a couple of pockets to the liner and a piece of ribbon for a pen holder before I sewed it into the bag.  Because I always need something to write with at church, and even if I had a pen with me, it would be lost in the bottom of my bag.

I couldn't be more pleased.  Plus while I really do like attending church on Sundays, I'd be lying if I said I wasn't a little more excited to go this week.  

And suddenly I've got a craving for muffins. 

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The Pinterest Challenge

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

I Am Home

My first stab at creating a printable--what do you think?

We're probably about average, but we've lived in 5 different places in almost 10 years of marriage.  I wanted to remind myself (and let my husband know!) that the most important thing is that I'm with him.

And it's even personalizable!  After you print it, cut a heart out of a map (or even print one from a google search) that includes where you live and put it right over the printed heart (I used pop dots for some dimension and then left the glass off the frame)  

Click on the image to download a word document in that color (prints as 8x10...trim the extra white space to fit in a frame)
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Out of curiosity, which color combo is your favorite?
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Monday, January 23, 2012

Chalkboard Tray


Anyone remember these dishes from Pottery Barn a while back?  I couldn't find them on their site anymore, but I did track down this picture.  I always figured I could make my own, but I could never find any dishes the right size (and cheap enough for me) at Goodwill.

Then, while packing up Christmas a few weeks ago I came across this plastic $1 store tray that we haven't used in years.  Lightbulb moment! 

I gave the whole thing a couple of coats of spray chalkboard paint.

And then I painted a white frame around it.  I don't have the steadiest hand, but I went slowly.  I think it's alright! 

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