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Friday, March 30, 2012

Carrot Treat Boxes

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These cute little carrot favors will be set out on each of our plates for Easter dinner next weekend.  I created the box file in Make the Cut (and cut it with my Cougar) so I'll provide that file at the end, but I have also made up a template that you can just print onto orange paper and hand cut.

Score the fold lines on the box (I used my Martha Steward score board and it worked great) and glue the tab to the inside of the box side. 

For the carrot top you'll make a tissue paper fringe.  I used two colors of green--you can use whatever you have.  I cut two pieces of tissue that were angled.  It's about 6 inches wide and about 2 1/2 inches high on one side and only about 1 1/2 inches high on the other.  You don't have to be exact of course, but you want one end taller than the other.  Dab a little glue along the bottom edge so they're stuck together.  Once the glue dries, cut thin strips with the scissors, but not all the way down to the end.  Starting with the tall end, roll up the fringed paper pretty tightly, then glue when you reach the end to secure it.  Fluff out the fringes a little and there's your top.  

Fill your box with jelly beans or other small treats and fold down the scallops, overlapping all the way around.  

Then take the "stem" of your green top and push it down into the center hole.  It should stay even without any glue, but a little hot glue on the end would be a good idea if they're being transported.

Just pull on the tissue paper when you're ready to eat the goodies and it will pop right open.

*and as a side note, these would be great for all kinds of "punny" situations:  

"If you CARROT all, you'll...
--be my Valentine"
--go to Prom with me"
--attend our training meeting"
--tell all your friends about my cool blog"
you know, whatever :)

Happy Easter!
MTC file
Printable template

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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Queen Bee Market

I know I've mentioned a couple times about the blog conference I get to go to next month.  I still honestly feel a little silly telling people in real life about it--I'm not sure what they're thinking when I tell them.  But I'm actually really excited about it, and it's coming soon!

Another fun part will be the Queen Bee Market that's happening.  What's better than hanging out with a bunch of fun ladies (and she doesn't know it yet but I'm planning on dragging my sister along ;) and shopping for great handmade goodies?  If you're one of my friends in Utah, this will be a great place to meet up--let me know!  Here you can check out the list of the vendors that will be there.

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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Friday Night Date Night

Remember the Hershey kiss gift I gave to my husband last month?
If not, go check out my guest post on Friday Night Date Night  to read all about it.

My new friend Mackenzie has some great ideas for cheap fun dates and ways to keep your marriage fun.  Go tell her hi, and then check out some of her posts like Indoor Mini Golf   
or Tree Swings.

Go be inspired to plan a date for this weekend!

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Monday, March 26, 2012

Bamboo Sunburst

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First off, thanks so much for everyone who voted for me during the past rounds of American Crafter.  I didn't make it into the final round this week--bummer--but that means pressure's off--phew!   I've been working on a laundry room makeover and I'll still let you see it, but I'm no longer on a deadline.

What I am showing you today is the sunburst I made for the wood Make a Splash challenge.  

I bought a couple of bundles of bamboo on clearance for just a couple bucks each and cut them into lengths of 9 inches and 6 inches.  

For the center, I rounded the block using a jigsaw, router and palm sander.

 Then everything got a couple coats of spray paint.  I used a square of wood paneling for the base (painted the same gray color as the fireplace so it's not really noticeable) and glued everything together. 

There was no super brilliant way that I chose to hang it--I just drilled a couple of small holes in the square base and threaded some invisible thread a couple of times through it to make a loop that hangs from a bolt that was already in the fireplace.

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Welcome to March's Make a Splash!  You know, I didn't even know what these little decorative moulding squares were called until I decided to use them for this month's mystery item.  
But I've seen them at home improvement stores and knew they had potential.  Perhaps I was mean for picking something so very specific, but I think you'll agree with me that everyone did a fantastic job. They're not just for moulding any more!

Aimee Lane (It's Overflowing)

Wall Hook
Hi there!  I'm Aimee Lane from It's Overflowing and I'm so glad Steph invited me to participate in Make A Splash!  I love all things DIY and home decor and so when I heard the mystery challenge this month would be rosettes I was totally stoked!  For a couple months I'd been planning on making a hook into a piece of art for my little girl's room.  I love organization and figuring out what she was going to wear on schooldays was becoming total chaos, I figured if we had a plan the night before it may make life a little easier!  I love the hook I came up with and it looks real cute in her room!  We're in the middle of transitioning her from her baby girl pink room to a room with a bit more splash of color!  I'm hanging on to some neutral in there by incorporating black and white into the design as well.  My house tour shows her room's " before" pics.  Soon I hope to add some "after" pics {if the two of us can figure out a good compromise}.
What a great idea--I love that it's useful and cute! (the dots on that knob are perfect)

Michelle (Michelle Paige)

Banner Stands
Using 2 wood 'star' corner blocks (with a 5/16th hole drilled in the top), a 4 foot dowel cut in half and a can of white spray paint...I crafted up some banner stands.  Who says you have to have a mantle to hang a banner?  These banner stands can be moved anywhere and I can put different lengths of dowels into the blocks depending on the height I need.  Simple and easy. Thanks for the challenge!
How fun!  This a great way to show off a banner for any holiday or party.

Wood Rosette Lamp Refashion
I've had this lamp my mom got me for years.  It's fine, but need a little freshening up.  Wood Rosettes to the rescue.  My lamp is a sort of retro inspired, funky little guy on my nightstand now.  And he makes me happy.  :)
I love the black and white combo here--the whole thing looks so modern now!
Bullseye Lamp
Wood rosettes?  Wood rosettes???  What in heaven's... don't get me wrong.  I like a good challenge as much as the next guy.  I like to use all kinds of medium in unexpected ways.  But I've never given an ounce of thought to wood rosettes.  I was very tempted to paint them fun colors, let my kids go wild, and call them "decorative architectural building block fun"... but I dismissed that quickly.  My next thought was a vase... but it didn't seem quite right... as I searched my brain, my eyes fell on the unused lamp I'd purchased on the super cheap from Walmart and then painted for my son's room.  I'd created a shade to match the theme of the bedroom and the entire thing sits down in the basement gathering way too much dust.  And so was born the:

Everything for this lamp redo I had on hand - except for the rosettes of course! Although this was a project that took a different direction than I'd originally planned, I ended up with a lamp I will actually use - in our dining room and NOT our basement! - which I'm happy about.  If I had it to do again, there are definitely things I'd do differently, but all in all I think branching out with an unlikely crafting element paid off!  Come by bugaboo, mini, mr & me for the full tutorial!  Thanks for letting me participate, Steph! What fun it was!
Check it out--2 lamps in a row, and they both look totally different!  I love the texture it has now, great job! 
Steph (that's me!)
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Bamboo Sunburst
I rounded off the corners of my block with a jigsaw and router and used it as the center for a bamboo sunburst.  All my pieces got spray painted then glued together.  It's now hanging on our fireplace that I recently painted gray.

Were you inspired then?  Think you'll use these in one of your next projects?  Thanks so much again for stopping in this month and thanks to my participants for their great projects.  If anyone will be "pinning" these, please click over to the creator's blog to pin from the original source.  They'll love you for it :)  You can see all past projects on this page.

And anyone else who wants to do a challenge, leave me a comment and let me know.  I have spots open starting in the summer!

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