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Monday, April 30, 2012

How to Make a Leather Necklace

Once upon a time, I wanted a leather jacket.  Really, really wanted one.  I must have thought it would make me cool.  Then my mom bought me one for my 23rd birthday--instant cool!  I mean, I got engaged and married when I was 23, so it must have worked!

Well, that was 10 years ago, and the cool has worn off (of me, not the jacket.)  Though the jacket had seen better days too.  It was wearing along the edges of the sleeve, near the zipper, and back when we had cats they left some pretty grim scratch marks in it.  

I couldn't wear it any more, and I certainly couldn't pass it on--no one else would wear it either!

But I didn't have the heart to just toss it in the trash, so I took scissors to it.  Is that better or worse?  Well, you tell me. 

I cut a long strip about 1 1/2 inches wide and glued it in half with hot glue.  

Then I snipped along the folded edge.  
Starting at one end, I rolled it up on itself and glued it into this flower shape.  

Out of black felt I cut one circle (for the backing) and one small strip (for the loop to hang it from)  Just using hot glue again, I attached the little loop and then the circle over the whole back.

I had this black cord already from another necklace and just switched it out for this new leather pendant.  I wonder if it still has some of it's magical properties... 

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I want to know--have you ever cut up something favorite so you could keep wearing it?

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Make a Splash LEATHER

I'm nearly thinking that the last day of April is trickier than the first.  Am I being fooled that the month is already ending?   Well, it's good for all, because I get to share another round of Make a Splash.  If you're new to my blog, you can check out the Make a Splash tab at the top of the page to see the great ideas from past months.

This month I gave my participants the mystery item of leather. It was a little selfish because I had a leather jacket that had seen better days.  I made one thing out of it, but would love some other ideas.  And my friends did not disappoint!

Leather Cuff 
 I love how you get kind of an edgy feel with the leather, but the edging brings it back to being girly and pretty!

Melly from Melly Sews
Leather Belt 
Melly and I "met" during American Crafter, and she wow-ed with some really amazing projects.  A couple of people had to drop out this month, so I asked if I could share this one, since it fits the theme.  Wouldn't this be great with any dress or long shirt?

Deona from Sweet Dee Daisy

Multiple Projects
The first picture is the jacket taken apart.
And the second is all the things I made from it. I made these things from the leather part of the jacket It, a large purse, a small make up bag or clutch, a small wallet, a necklace I embellished with buttons, a newsboy hat, and a flower.  From the fabric parts of the jacket I made a type of scarf, fingerless gloves and a beannie hat!

Oh my--it's like the mother lode of ideas for things to do with a jacket.  That purse is so cool!

And me (see necklace instructions here)
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 Flower Necklace
Like I said, I used pieces from a beat up leather jacket to make this.  And now I have a couple new projects on my list.  Thanks again ladies!   

If you love these projects and want to pin them, please be sure to do so from the creator's blog.  Also, I'm always looking for more participants, so shoot me an email if you want to be assigned a secret supply!

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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Pass It On

A little while back I was contacted by my friend Whitney of The Rooster and the Hen to see if I'd be interested in participating in the Pass it On Project, and of course I said yes! 

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She sent me these totally lovely dish towels.  Isn't the lace on them perfect?  If you haven't been to Whitney's blog yet, you must check it out.  As in right now!  She writes with her husband, and I love getting "both sides" of the story.  You can see the scope of their imagination and talent in their peacock bathroom they recently finished.

Soon I will be sending off my Pass it On items to two of my friends, and after they get them I'll be able to post about it here.  Hopefully they'll love it!


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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Recover Your Ironing Board

A couple of weeks ago I shared this on Destination: Craft.  How to recover your ironing board.  In case you didn't see it, here are all the instructions again.

It was really pretty easy, and I'm wondering why I didn't do it long ago.  I may have lucked out a little, because my cover was all one piece of fabric.  I didn't have to sew pieces together.

1--Remove old cover
2--Remove cord (mine was not stretchy at all) and keep it
3--Find a fabric you like (I scored a cheap cut and paid under $6 for almost 2 yards) 
4--Lay the old cover on top of your new (washed and dryed) fabric and pin it down.  It probably won't lay down nice and flat because it's been all stretched out over the ironing board--just do your best.
5--Cut out your new cover following the old fabric, but cut it out a little larger on all sides. (I didn't do this on the bottom edge, and I wished I did!)

6--Lay the cording down on the edge of the fabric and start stitching over it.  (Don't actually stitch the cord--you want the needle passing over the cord on both sides so that it can slide freely later)  A regular zigzag stitch was too tight, so I used this one and it worked great.

7--I had to pull my cord through a few times while I was sewing, because it wasn't long enough to make the whole perimeter of the piece.
8--When it's all been stitched, lay it out on the ironing board (with the padding underneath it) and by pulling on the cord, tighten up the fabric under the top/front end of the board.  The fabric will gather and get tight.

9--Stretch the fabric of the bottom/end of the board and do the same.  You want the fabric to be gathered underneath the lip of the board, especially around any curved parts, and this will keep it pulled tight over the board.
10-Secure the ends of the cord.  When everything is nice and tight, tie off or pinch (mine had this little metal clip already) the ends so that they aren't pulled back up in the the cover, making it loose.

11--Admire your new board, and possibly even be inspired to iron something!

Hope you found this helpful.  If you end up recovering your board too, be sure to let me know--I'd love to see it!
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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

SNAP Recap--the Event

A couple of days ago I shared pictures of the family I got to visit while in Utah.  Today I'm finally getting to the reason I went in the first place--the conference.  I decided to just dump it all here in one post, instead of splitting it up into different days (it will be easier on me, and probably on you too!)
Snap Team
I think if you ask anyone what the best part about the conference was, they'd say it was the people they got to meet.  And I agree!  It was such a blast to have 300 people in a room who "get" why I like to blog.

My collection of business cards from the weekend--see yours, or anyone you recognize?

I wish I could have gotten a picture with every single person I met, but of course that wasn't possible (and might have even seemed a little creepy :) But I did get a few pictures with a few people that I really enjoyed talking to.  

Michelle from Someday Crafts (and her cute little guy!)

Bettijo and Aimee from Paging Supermom (they brought cute buttons to share with everyone, it was easy to spot who had met them already)
Bridget from Bridgey Widgey (we bonded over my boots, but I'm now in love with her blog, go check it out!)
Beckie from Infarrantly Creative (and Knock-off Decor...and Roadkill Rescue :)
Sara from Confetti Sunshine (a super cute party blog, and she lives in my same state!)
Cyndi from CyndiMarie (blog/virtual services)
Tam from Sew Dang Cute Crafts (just as nice as you'd expect her to be from her blog!)
Nat and Holly from My Sister's Suitcase (these gals are just as fun and cute as they seem on their blog--one of my favorites, by the way!)
Christie from Pops and Podge (the one person I knew from real life before going--we lived in the same neighborhood before we bought our house)

And really, I thought everyone was so nice.  Honestly, I was kind of nervous going.  I went totally by myself and worried a little about where I'd sit at dinner, and who I'd go to classes with.  I never "buddied up" with a group of people.  But as it turned out, it was kind of liberating to just sit down anywhere I wanted and meet whoever was sitting there!  I even made myself go introduce myself to some "blogging celebs" that I recognized, even if all I did was tell them, "I recognize you from your blog and just wanted to come say 'hi'."  And then almost couldn't believe when I'd trade cards with someone and they'd say "Oh yeah, I know your blog."  Awesome :)

The next set of pictures are from the dance party on the last night.  Not the most flattering light perhaps, but don't we all look like we're having fun?  Someone even told me I was a good dancer--it must have been REALLY dark in there.

 Kami (No Biggie) Mandi (Vintage Revivals) Shelley (House of Smiths)

Jamielyn from I Heart Naptime

Steph (The Daily Blarg) Jen (Tatertots and Jello)

Phew!  Now that my floor is littered with all the names I dropped, I'll give you my super quick summary of what happened.

Tulip Festival
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If I had to pick two main themes that I took away from the conference, it would be these.

1) My time is valuable.  Someday this may mean that I really try to make some money from my little old blog here (more than a penny a day from Google AdSense :) But that's not really the direction I'm going right now.  So, if I'm looking at my blog as a hobby, I need to make sure that I'm not spending job-like hours on it.  My time is also valuable to my husband, my kids, and other responsibilities I have.
Ring I bought for my sister from Love Stitched

2) There are a lot of other people like me out there--they love making things, love sharing them, care about other people, have families they love, have things they struggle with, and maybe even get nervous and overwhelmed with having to meet a bunch of new people.  But, no one laughed when I told them my blog name, no one walked away when I tried to talk to them, and after listening to all the speakers I ended up feeling like I really have something worth saying and I can do good.

Please know that I'm so happy when you take a few minutes out of your schedule to stop by and see what I've been up to.  So thank you!  And if you took time to talk to me at SNAP, thank you too!

(check out the link party if you want to see what everyone else had to say about the weekend)

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Monday, April 23, 2012

SNAP Recap--the Family

When I had the crazy idea last year to try to win a ticket to the conference, my main reasoning was that I had family in the area that I could stay with and meet up with when I came.  It was probably my favorite part of the trip!

I have to share the funniest thing first--I have a sister-in-law who lives with her husband and their 5 kids near Thanksgiving Point (where the conference was)  I was sad that I wasn't going to be able to visit them because they were leaving the same day to go to Minsk, Belarus where they are going to live for 4 months while he teaches there.   But then, I actually got to see all of them, in the Salt Lake Airport!  I happened to land about 40 minutes before their take off, so we got to sit and visit for a little bit.  Such a fun surprise that it worked out!

Then I stayed with my sister Chris, so we got to hang out every night I was there.  

I also drove down to Provo to visit my brother and his wife at BYU.  The last time I saw Mike and Aly was at their wedding, so not a lot of downtime to chat.  It was fun getting all caught up with them!

It was fun being back on campus since it's where my husband and I both went to school and met.

(and yes, those are my duct tape boots--they made me feel kind of famous at the conference since a couple of people recognized them!) 

On Saturday we all went to Cafe Rio for lunch too.  Yum!

I'll be back later to share about some of the people I met and things I did during the conference.  Thanks for reading!

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