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Monday, January 21, 2013

Clock Makeover

This little clock here has had a couple of different makeovers. First, it was oak brown. Similar to this:

I can't even remember when we bought it, or where it has hung in our different houses.  At some point I spray painted it black to go in the hall bathroom and match a black frame I had there. When the bathroom was remodeled, it was time to brighten it up.

I painted the wood blue and cut a circle from cream colored scrapbook paper with a small circle in the center so I could slide it over the clock hands.  For the numbers I used small glass gems with paper glued onto the back. Then I cut black vinyl numbers to stick right on top of each one.

To make sure the new numbers were in the right place, I made little pencil marks to match the original clock, then glued the gems with hot glue.

Then it was just time to put it back together and hang it up in the new, more colorful bathroom.  One of these days I'll have a whole post up on the new bathroom and you can see how we changed up everything!


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