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Friday, January 4, 2013

Fashion Challenge

{Fall Fashion}

Raise your hand if you have a Pinterest board dedicated to fashion.  Yay, me too!  Something about pinning an outift I love must make me think it will magically appear in my closet.  It hasn't worked yet.  But I've noticed that while I collect inspiration, I then go back to wearing the same 7 shirts from my closet. 

While I'm not trying to turn into a fashion blog, I am hoping to make a conscious effort to see how I can use this inspiration I've gathered and apply it to what I'm wearing.  

Fall Fashion ||  Fall Outfit Ideas  ||  Click through to see sources

Aren't these all great looks!  My goal is to identify some of the elements I like--I see plaid, browns and cardigans!  If I can come up with something fun, I'll show you next week.

Do you have any tips for actually building off of your inspiration, without breaking the bank by buying every piece?  I'd love to hear!

See the outfit I put together with the above inspiration

Fall Plaid Outfit

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  1. I read a great tip about pinning outfits: Only pin inspiration with your closet already in mind. I see so many cute outfits and it makes me want to go out and buy tons of clothes. I know I can't do that so when I only pin outfits/inspiration from items that I know I have in my closet. For instance, I see a pin I like with a maroon cardigan--I have a maroon cardigan so I'm pinning it! Later, I use it as inspiration for my outfits and not just I "want" or "pretty" board. Good luck!

  2. My advice is that it doesn't have to be exactly that color or pattern..use it as a jumping board and go from there! Your creative..so it shouldn't be a problem!

  3. Here's what I do:

    1- I only buy clothes in my color palette. I know it sounds silly, but not only do you look better in general, but all of your clothes go with each other.

    2- I only shop consignment. If I like the fit but not the color, I dye it. If I like the fabric but not the fit, I hem it in the right places pr make it into something else entirely.

    3- I keep a list of what I have. With all the same color palette, everything goes with everything, and so it's easier to have less, and with the list, I can look and say "oh, I could really use a brown belt" or whatever.

    4- I buy fewer clothing and more accessories. Again, with the color thing, this works great, because the same skirt can be worn with a different belt and leggings, and the same sweater with a different scarf or necklace or tank, and you can get literally 15 looks out of one item.

    Hope this helps!

  4. I pin outfits from time to time but find I am horrible at actually buying/wearing any of those inspiration outfits. I tend to go to some tried and true colors/patterns/outfits and stick there. Booooring!

    Can't wait to see what you come with for an outfit based on these pictures though!