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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Washi Tape Storage Ideas

The other day I showed you my trick for cleaning the edges of washi tape, and my overflowing jar where my rolls are piled.  I need a new solution and came across all these great ideas in my search.

by Kat's Scrappy Bloggy Life

By Torie Jayne

By The Scrappe Shop

By Ella Publishing Co

By ishtarolivera

By Wendy Elliot

By Delicate Construction

By Pocket Full of Posies

By Eccentric Spirit

By Silly Old Suitcase

by Crab+Fish

by Delightfully Noted

by A Night Owl Blog

Do you have a method I should add to my list?  

And look, I came up with how I wanted to store mine!  Go to the post to see all the details!



  1. How about a multi roll tape dispenser like this one?


  2. Neat options. I've yet to try washi tape, but it looks fun.

  3. Ohh, love that all of them are pretty but practical as well! Thanks for compiling the ideas in one place :)

  4. I store mine in clear jars in a drawer. I can take a pic if you're interested in adding it. :)

  5. All great ideas,. I don't use the tape, but do use ribbon. I've been noticing tons of chipboard boxes and suitcases which come in lots of styles/sizes and colors. You could use inexpensive dowels and uh...ask,you're hubs the rest, lol. OR, get again. thin. Inexpensive tension rods, the sort for cafe windows, and just use where needed. Plus, you can decorate all these to fit your personal space & budget. They're easy to transport and store, too. Love the canning jar ideas!

  6. Look! This one is cool! http://pinterest.com/pin/260294053436028600/