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Monday, March 25, 2013

Game Closet Organization

If you haven't been around since the beginning of our blog adventure, you probably haven't seen our kitchen makeover pictures.  Check out the before and after!

One of my favorite things that we did was to save the old cupboards and install them in different places in the garage, like near the work bench and near the laundry.  The tall pantry cupboard looks like this and we've used it as a place to store all our games.  

Anything from Sorry and Pass the Pigs to Clue and Racko hangs out there.

It needed some revamping though, and here were some issues:  
The doors still had the child safety latches from when the kids were smaller and the whole thing was in the kitchen.
Most of the kids-friendly games were up too high for them to reach.
Card games were spilling out everywhere.

I simply rearranged where some of the games were located, putting some in the very back even (a murder mystery game we've never hosted?)

I moved kid games to lower shelves where they can reach them.  

I bought matching buckets from the dollar store to contain bags of card games and then labeled them with vinyl letters.

Much better don't you think?  I'm feeling a family game night coming soon too!  

What are your favorite games to play with kids?  Just adults?  (By the way, the Pass the Pigs game is one of our favorite ones)

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  1. I love the kitchen makeover! And I love the game closet. we have SO many games, and they are in various places all over the storage room! I totally need to make a game closet, love the buckets for the smaller cards and stuff!

  2. Your kitchen makeover is amazing! Our game closet has saved our family. No more lost pieces when everyone knows where the games are located and they can easily put them away!

  3. Wow! Love your kitchen makeover! And I love that you were able to save some of the other cabinets for a game closet. The buckets are a great ideas for all the smaller pieces.