Thursday, March 7, 2013

How to Fix Comments on Instagram

So if you're on Instagram, maybe you've already figured this one out.  But did you know that you can delete a comment and start over if you misspelled a word, or autocorrect totally botched what you meant to say?  Even get rid of those spammy comments that show up sometimes--like "come get lots of followers here"  :)

I have the Android version, so I don't know if works the same way for iPhones, but here you go.

Tap the speech bubble.  

The box pops up where you can leave a comment, but there's also a pencil icon on the top right.

Hit that and you'll see a little red x next to all the comments.  Click that and you'll get an option to delete your own comment, or if it's a comment by someone else it will say "delete and report abuse" or just "delete."  So now you can erase your comment and re-enter it.

If this post helps just one person today, I have done my job :)

And I want to say congrats to all the winners for the giveaways we've had here over the last couple of weeks.

Joy won the 2-years Blogging prizes
Gemia won the notebook from QuadraFire
Sandra won the current Cutting Edge Magazine 
Thanks everyone for entering!!



  1. You totally helped me out girl!!! THANK YOU!

  2. I often would end up deleting my whole photo because auto correct would pick an incorrect word for me. I too have gotten spam comments and get upset that I couldn't delete those comments. This is great info. Thank You!

  3. Awesome! I never knew how to do that! This will be a huge help when auto correct decides to 'think' for me!

  4. I will have to try this on my iPad (where I use Instagram). This has definitely happened to me where autocorrect wrote something crazy! :)